The Remedy For Chain Migration: Chain Deportation!
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The folks at NumbersUSA have been focusing this year on chain migration, the ruinously pervasive phenomenon in which arrival of a single "seed" immigrant—often admitted here for some (ostensible) benefit to the American nation—launches a cascade of other legal immigrants who are "selected" only by their familial relationship with the seed immigrant or with earlier members of the same cascade.  Recently Numbers has been running a national TV ad, 30 seconds long, on this basic, festering point:

Note that the Numbers ad centers on the chains that would be launched by legalization of the DACA-protected illegal aliens, not from legally-admitted seed immigrants.  But the phenomenon and its societal impacts are comparable.

So it's a great triumph for the forces of immigration sanity that "chain migration" is—at long last!—a concept that's surfaced in the national conversation, since these chains make up a large fraction of the legal-immigration influx.

(Why should national recognition of this obvious concept be considered a "triumph"?  Because most Americans know next-to-nothing about immigration beyond such weary slogans—actually, sales pitches—as "We're a nation of immigrants."  National politicians, too: In 2000, immigration-sanity guerrilla Craig Nelsen of the late Project USA demonstrated publicly that presidential-disaster-to-be George "Dubya" Bush was clueless about chain migration.)

Referring to the video ad embedded above, NumbersUSA co-founder and executive director Roy Beck wrote:

While Congress debates yet another amnesty, we want this chalkboard image to stick in Americans' minds, reminding them that, as long as Congress maintains Chain Migration categories, amnesties are never limited to the people receiving them or to just their nuclear family of spouse and minor children, instead opening the way for vast networks of extended family and in-laws.

When you look at that giant spiderweb of potential Chain Migration in the ad, keep in mind that not one of those Chain Migration recipients is screened for skills, education or how they might affect local communities and American workers. The American people through their government are only involved in picking the first immigrant who may be chosen because Congress decides to give them an amnesty, or give them refuge or pick them for some exceptional skill. All the rest in that network are chosen by the first immigrant and by the chains of immigrants to follow.

Our Chain Migration system operates basically as if you invite one person to be a guest in your house and then tell that guest that he/she is in charge of all future guests — to YOUR house.

[Emphases in original.]

Now commenter "Matt Esquire," weighing in at a Breitbart article (Ann Coulter: ‘Let’s Start by Deporting the DREAMers!’, by Robert Kraychik, December 25, 2017), has produced the next advance in patriotically-helpful verbiage:
Chain deportation is needed.
The rest of Mr. Esquire's comment is less compelling, but "chain deportation"—there's an idea whose time we can hope will come!
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