The Jeremiah Munsen/Jena 6 Atrocity: Who, whom?
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I believe Nicholas Stix’s blog today about the judicial lynching in Louisiana of Jeremiah Munson, a 19 year-old white youth, is one of’s most important blogs ever. This not only because of the shocking injustice involved, but also because it highlights with chilling clarity the future of American liberties in multicultural America.

Nicholas tells us

On September 20 2007 in Alexandria, Louisiana, the then-18-year Munsen, accompanied by an under-aged friend, drove past dozens of black supporters of the Jena race hoax, with two extension cord “nooses” hanging from the back of his pickup truck.

For this he has been bullied into accepting

Four months in federal prison, to be followed by one year of supervised probation and 125 hours of community service, to be followed by five more years of unsupervised probation—for committing a hate crime.

The blog continues:

Never mind that Munsen engaged in symbolic speech that is protected under the First Amendment. Never mind that the two unarmed whites were in much greater peril from a throng of racist blacks…What about Jeremiah Musen’s civil rights?

Why has this ludicrously disproportionate atrocity, which makes a mockery of America’s tradition of free speech, happened?

Answer: Because the two Federal officials involved were, in a critical sense, not American.

US Attorney for the Western District of Louisiana Donald W. Washington is a black Affirmative Action beneficiary, appointed in 2001 by President Bush.

As the OJ Simpson trial proved, expecting anything except blind racial chauvinism from American blacks in legal (or political) contests where their own are involved is just na??ve. In that sense, they simply do not fit into the behavioral mold the Founding Fathers brought over from England. And of course, the Jena 6 flim flam was a major black rallying point.

Grace Chung Becker, Acting Assistant Attorney General, Justice Department Civil Rights Division is, in a sense, a more alarming case. She is the daughter of Korean immigrants and judging by her educational record, does have the intelligence to grasp the issues involved here.

True, she is under fire in her confirmation hearings for not appearing zealous enough at Civil Rights in seeking privileges for minorities. A Poor Choice on Civil Rights The New York Times March 17 2008

Perhaps delivering Jeremiah Munsen’s head is supposed to be her entry fee.

But this case was under negotiation long before Chung Becker ran into opposition. The fact has to be faced: talented and industrious though the Koreans may be, they have virtually no tradition of political freedom or free speech. They are also clannish and notoriously prone to amoral familialism: what does Grace Chung Becker care about Jeremiah Munsen? He isn’t one of hers.

Welcome to Multicultural America: A black and an Asian use a perverted legal process to rob a white American of his political birthright and promote the interests of minorities. The effect will be to intimidate the entire white community from resisting another Black Scam: in other words to prevent them acting politically to defend themselves.

The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!

(Correction: My thanks to RKK, who points out that, to be more correct, I should have said “amoral familism”. Curiously, Googling on this does not any more succinct definition: this is the clearest, but it does not address the fact that amoral familism could well be a highly viable social strategy when most of the rest of the population behaves otherwise. Overall, it appears this brilliant insight was slighted as un-PC, even before “un-PC was an articulated concept.)


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