"Blood runs thicker than politics": - Hispanic GOPer, jumping ship.
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Lionel Sosa made a career out of being an Hispanic Republican and friendly to Business. But the times are changing: an Hispanic is running for President (as a Democrat).

"Blood runs thicker than politics," said Sosa, of San Antonio, who is helping organize a fundraiser for New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, a Democrat who is Latino. "I'm not saying I would vote for a Democrat. But I'm saying I would not vote for a Republican who opposed immigration reform."

(Immigration debate puts up a wall in the GOP By Peter Wallsten Los Angeles Times May 27 2007 Access requires free registration.)

Sosa's remarks come right at the end of a long and conventional article postulating that the Republicans have to choose between losing the Hispanic vote by a moderate or by a large landslide. (The VDARE.com prescription would be get out the white vote!) But they make the article worthwhile.

Note that Sosa's price for staying Republican is acceptance of immigration "reform" -aka Bush's Amnesty/Immigration Surge, which will obliterate the American nation.

Once they feel they have achieved critical mass, ethnic particularists like this will shed their camouflage and become blatant in their demands. And eventually the Founding Peoples will respond the same way.

Thanks, Teddy Kennedy

Lionel Sosa is now chief executive office of "MATT Mexicans and Americans Thinking Together"

Complain to Sosa.

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