The Great Nine West Shoe Ad Crisis of 2014
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The great Nine West Shoe Ad Crisis of 2014 mounts. For example, the Chicago Tribune headlines:

Nine West’s archaic shoe campaign a giant step backward for women

Ever growing numbers of experts take to the press to announce that they don’t understand, are these ads supposed to be funny?

But how can anything involving women be funny? Especially their shoes!

Haven’t they heard about the War on Women?

Why aren’t these women who have found themselves wearing red and black versions of the same shoes shown standing arm-in-arm in solidarity against their Straight White Male oppressors?

Are these ads implying, among other sexist slanders, that not all women take seriously each and every Meeting About a Meeting on their agendas?

And what’s this about “Drunch?”

Well, I never!

Fortunately, the American media is up in arms over these offensive and inappropriate ads:

‘Husband Hunting’ Shoes? Nine West’s Perplexing New Campaign

TIME – ?52 minutes ago? According Screenshot 2014-08-06 21.16.13 to Nine West’s website, “shoe occasions” are “Starter Husband Hunting” and “First Day of Kindergarten.” At other times you might have to resort to wrapping your feet in paper towels fastened with rubber bands you stole off broccoli at the grocery …

Nine West wants to sell you ‘Husband Hunting’ shoes Washington Post (blog) – ?Aug 5, 2014?

“Starter Husband Hunting” is one of two “Shoe Occasions” collections Nine West debuted Aug. 1. The other: “First Day of Kindergarten.” The kindergarten collection — purportedly designed to temper the sadness as “the waterworks” hit when the bus drives …

Screenshot 2014-08-06 21.24.51Nine West’s ‘Starter Husband Hunting’ shoes under fire Toronto Star – ?9 hours ago?

Nine West is facing criticism for its latest ad campaign that suggests “starter husband hunting” is a suitable occasion to buy new shoes. Another of the shoe special occasions listed on the U.S. version of its website is “First Day of Kindergarten.” The shoe …

Shoes: Nine West Starter Husband Hunting Ad Campaign Angers Women Guardian Liberty Voice – ?6 hours ago?

Shoe giant Nine West’s new ad campaign is angering many women, as the company’s website offers shoes for two occasions: starter husband hunting and the first day of kindergarten. The starter husband hunting ad shows a woman in a leopard print shoe, …

Nine West under fire for ‘husband-hunting’ shoes – ?Aug 5, 2014?

It bears the caption, “starter husband-hunting.” In another, a pair of tiptoe black peep toe booties are labeled “first day of kindergarten shoes.” The copy says, “the bus arrives and so do the waterworks. Then it hits you: mommy now has the weeks [sic] off.

Nine West’s archaic shoe campaign a giant step backward for women Chicago Tribune – ?Aug 5, 2014?

From Caitlin Constantine ?(@caitlinconstan): “When I go husband hunting, I prefer hunting boots so I can protect my feet while stalking my quarry across the veldt.” From Andrea Lavinthal ?(@andilavs): “On Nine West’s site and I can’t find ‘I Won’t Sign Your …

Did Nine West step in it with “starter husband hunting” shoe ad? Upstart – ?Aug 5, 2014?

The UpTake: Nine West took a bold approach to its latest ad campaign by linking shoes to occasions that revolve around sex, like “husband hunting” and “anticipated walk of shame.” Did the brand go too far? I n an attempt to be more edgy, Nine West may …

Nine West gets flak for ‘husband hunting’ shoe campaign WDIV Detroit – ?Aug 5, 2014?

One ad, that’s complete with a bulls eye and arrows, promises to help women in their hunt for a “starter husband.” “Go get ‘em Tiger. Whether you’re looking for Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now … We got a shoe for that,” it reads.

WTF?? Nine West Apparently Thinks Depicting Women Doing The ‘Walk Of … – ?4 hours ago?

In a bizarre advertising move, Nine West decided to promote their shoes as items perfect for women doing the “walk of shame” and “husband hunting”. It’s no surprise that many are calling the ads sexist, and lots of disgruntled Facebook users have left …

Nine West Sells Shoes For The Only Occasions In A Woman’s Life That Matter … The Frisky – ?8 hours ago?

Not only is it offensive to assume their customers care about “husband hunting” — queer women wear shoes, too, Nine West — but she’s going to ditch the guy who puts a ring on it? (Maybe husband number two had deeper pockets for shoe purchases.).

Warning: New Shoe Ads May Be Harmful to Women’s Health Yahoo Health – ?Aug 5, 2014?

Nine West, apparently dissatisfied with the amount of self-esteem issues that women already struggle with, has issued a clear but disheartening message with its latest ad campaign: We know you like pretty shoes, and we know why you like them — so you can … “’Starter husband hunting’ and ‘walk of shame’ is not the sort of thing you say out loud even to your best friend, because those are things that men say about women, not that women say about women,” Jen Drexler, senior vice president at the Insight Strategy …
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