The Good Hair Crisis Mounts: Black Students Don't Want To Go To CAMBRIDGE Because Of Lack Of Black Barbershops
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The Western world has been obsessed in recent decades with what young people of African descent have to say. What messages are they trying to communicate to us?

What concerns them most?

Well, judging from this week’s headlines, the answer is now in: their hair. Today’s black youth want to talk about their hair. And do they ever have a lot to say.

From The Telegraph:

Black students reluctant to apply to Cambridge University ‘due to lack of Afro-Caribbean hairdressers’

Camilla Turner, education editor
9 MAY 2019 • 10:00PM

Black students are failing to apply to Cambridge because there is a lack of Afro-Caribbean hairdressers in the city, the university’s pro-vice-Chancellor has said.

The “unexpected” finding arose during research into what deters black students from considering the institution, according to Professor Graham Virgo.

… “We have been doing some quite detailed research, particularly with black students, particularly in London, looking at obstacles to applying to Cambridge and thinking about Cambridge. And number three on the list was hairdressers,” he said.

And from the Washington Post:

Why having black beauty queens with natural curls matters

By Christine Emba
May 9 at 6:39 PM

This year marks an unexpected sweep in the beauty pageant field: For the first time, Miss America, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA are all black women. Two of the three won their crowns wearing their natural curls.

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