Big Data for Gentrifiers?
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The New York Times has a big datamap of the whole country (Los Angeles shown above) depicting Census tracts that have been getting whiter (salmon color) and nonwhiter (blue) from 2000-2017. Of course, this is framed in Concern Porn terms about blacks suffering from increasing numbers of white neighbors:

THE UPSHOT |The Neighborhood Is Mostly Black. The Home Buyers Are Mostly White.

But I imagine that 90% of the NYT subscribers who look at the map are would-be gentrifiers hoping to get a hint where the latest hot new neighborhood for whites to pour into is so maybe they can get in on it. Here’s New York:

And Chicago:

Gentrification always struck me as a natural Big Data Ap. Anybody know of good websites for scouting out trending neighborhoods? Overlay homicides and school test scores …

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