The ECONOMIST's Christmas Double Issue Is Once Again A "Holiday" Double Issue In The U.S.
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If you access The Economist website from North America, you see that they have a ”Holiday Double Issue.”

If you click on the exact same link in Britain (or using a VPN that says you’re in Britain) you see that they have (not for the first time) a ”Christmas Double Issue.”



An earlier example: The ECONOMIST’s Holiday Double Issue Is A Christmas Double Issue In Asia, Africa And The Middle East.



And this is in spite of the fact that The Economist has conventional MSM ideas about the War on Christmas itself: see  Once Again, The ECONOMIST Joins The War On Christmas In America, While Denying It Exists.

The fact that The Economist has a Christmas/Holiday Double Issue is due to cultural differences between Britain and the U.S. in the matter of doing any work at all between before Christmas until after the New Year. See Editor Peter Brimelow’s Boxing Day, 2021: If We’re Going To Import Foreign Holidays, Why Not Import A British/Canadian One, And Give Americans A Day Off!

The fact that it has two separate issues is due to the War on Christmas being not quite as bad in the U.K. as the US.

See If There’s No War On Christmas, Why Do Multinationals Ban The Word In U.S. But Not In U.K.?

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