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ECONOMIST Watch: Reading The Mouthpiece Of Anti-Trump Globalism So You Don't Have To

Given that The Economist is a major journalistic voice for the globalist, nation-hating, open-borders, anti-Trump club of the Billionaire Left; and given that AntiFa is the "muscle" of that club; it's ...
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ECONOMIST Watch: Economical About Artificial Intelligence

Speaking of The Economist: Before being felled by rhinoviruses I'd intended to do a takedown of that magazine's June 25th special issue on Artificial Intelligence.(The reason for a special issue was th...
post By Linda Thom on 2016-04-05 11:16:14 -0400

ECONOMIST Watch: Are Southern Murder, VD Rates, Support For Trump ALL Caused By White Evangelical Religiosity? Well, No...

In  No, not one: The link between a scandal in Alabama and the rise of Donald Trump, [April 2, 2016 (subscriber link)] after opening with a mild sex scandal involving the white Republican Governor of A...
post By John Derbyshire on 2016-03-06 11:19:21 -0500

ECONOMIST Watch: Diversity Undermines Trust—And That's Good!

Reading The Economist nowadays is a lot of fun.  They’re having conniptions over Donald Trump’s primary successes—going full Hitler, in fact. In European politics a useful distinction is sometimes dra...
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ECONOMIST Watch: Spinning The Paris Attacks

Above is the editorial cartoon from the current (November 21st-27th) issue of The Economist.Note that the "home" being protected in the cartoon is around five percent of the fenced-in territory.The U.S...
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ECONOMIST WATCH: Le Pen's Migrant "Phantom Menace" And The Problem With Print Deadlines

The problem with print deadlines is the time lag between T1 and T2, where T1 = the cutoff moment after which new copy can't be included in the issue going to press, and T2 = the moment a purchase...
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Economist Watch: Mutti Merkel, Globalist Heroine

After you're through watching that video With Open Gates that James posted, take a stroll on the globalist side of the street to see how it looks to them.There is of course no better guide to the globa...
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Economist Watch: A Sighting Of Magic Dirt Theory

I have had a few critical emails following my explication of Magic Dirt Theory in last weekend's Radio Derb.Surely (they say) equalist ideologues don't really believe that race differences in social ou...
post By Steve Sailer on 2015-07-13 06:53:57 -0400

Why Puerto Rico Rules America Instead of Vice-versa

From The Economist: The Puerto Rico problemFor many reasons, mainland politicians find the territory too hard a place to talk aboutLexington Jul 11th 2015POLITICIANS do love a morality tale. Just ask...
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Economist Watch: Tunisian Massacre Reaction Shows Brit Politicians Worse Than Ours!

As timid and donor-whipped as our GOP politicians are, Britain's are even worse, if you can imagine that.How useless are they?  So useless, even The Economist has noticed!Following the June 26th beach ...