The British and American Immigration Disasters—Different Timing, Same Cause
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I see Steve Sailer has picked up the speech of U.K. Labour Party leader Ed Miliband (himself the son of Jewish immigrants) on tightening immigration into Britain. The BBC’s efficient summary is Miliband shifts immigration policy,saying Labour 'got it wrong' 22 June 2012

Sir Andrew Green, head of the Migration Watch think tank, told the BBC that Labour's "real concern is that they've lost an awful lot of their own supporters, who of course are the people who, mainly, suffer the consequences of immigration on this scale, in terms of social housing and so on and so forth".

Listening, Obamacrats?

Miliband and his party have a lot of explaining to do. As a specimen called Andrew Neather revealed in 2009, the 1997-2007 Tony Blair Labour Administration deliberately ended a generation-long phase of relative immigration restraint because they wanted Britain to be changed.

Britain is about 30 years ahead of America on immigration as a political issue—Enoch Powell gave his great speech in 1968, only 3 years after Ted Kennedy had launched the destruction of America via the 1965 Immigration Act.

So who knows what a Democratic leader will feel obliged to say in the future?

But one thing is clearly the same: the countries were both set on the path to destruction with malice aforethought.

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