The Border Crisis Is Terrible, And Susan Rice's Departure Will Actually Make It Worse
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The border is in collapse and consequently wide open. While the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Alexandro Mayorkas, claims the border is closed and illegal aliens will be quickly deported, that is a lie. Instead, if an illegal alien crosses the border, that invader will be released.

Mayorkas’ own subordinates are admitting that the number of illegal aliens will double with the end of Title 42. The fun fact is that Title 42 is only being applied to Mexicans anyway and has no impact on all the other illegal aliens.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) expects an increase from 5,000 illegal aliens a day to 10,000 a day, the exact number of their processing capacity.

Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Troy Miller testified before Congress this month that he expects roughly 10,000 migrants to cross the border daily when the ban ends, doubling the current flow.

Two DHS officials previously told NBC News the current immigration system at the U.S. border would be maxed out if numbers exceed 10,000, leaving Border Patrol and shelters without the capacity to take all undocumented migrants into temporary custody and process them.

[DHS Secretary Mayorkas Calls For Congressional Support Ahead Of Expected Migrant Surge, by Summer Conception, NBC News/Yahoo News, May 1, 2023]

That 10,000 number is the maximum processing capacity of the U.S. Border Patrol (USBP), so any number above that will be disastrous. But even as they speak about 10k illegal aliens a day, the estimate is already rising.

The uptick comes as the Biden administration plans for the end of pandemic-era asylum restrictions. U.S. authorities have said daily illegal crossings from Mexico could climb as high as 13,000 from about 5,200 in March.

[Texas Border City Struggles With Large Arrival Of Migrants, by Valerie Gonzalez, Associated Press/Yahoo News, April 30, 2023]

Those numbers do not include those who have presented themselves at Ports-of-Entry (POE) and been immediately released into the United States, got-aways, sea-borne arrivals, and those crossing the border with Canada.

Even Democrat-run cities in Texas expect a disaster and are declaring States-of-Emergency, with thousands of illegal aliens soon to be added to those currently stranded in El Paso because they have no money to move onward, or any plans beyond zerg rushing the border.

Unprocessed, unsponsored migrants present challenges [.]

The challenges facing the city of El Paso are due to “unprocessed” and “unsponsored” migrants, officials said.

“Unprocessed” migrants are basically migrants who illegally entered the U.S., circumvented the process at the border and don’t have permission to travel onward.

The “unprocessed” migrants are a “great concern” because the city can’t house them in shelters receiving federal funding due to their immigration status, D’Agostino said last week.

“Unsponsored” migrants are generally asylum seekers who are processed and then released from U.S. Customs and Border Protection custody but don’t have money and sponsors who will pay for them to continue their journey to their destination.

El Paso Declares Border Migrant ‘State Of Emergency’ As Title 42 Nears End, by Daniel Borunda, El Paso Times/Yahoo News, May 1, 2023

The estimates are looking much too optimistic with the numbers likely to reach levels worse than the height last year when Haitians and other illegal aliens were camping out under highway overpasses and bridges.

There had been unconfirmed estimates of up to 35,000 asylum seekers waiting in Juárez, Mexico, to cross the U.S. border once Title 42 expires on May 11.

The latest estimates are that there are 10,000 to 12,000 migrants in Juárez, where shelters aren’t full but tent camps line streets in front of Juárez city hall near the Paso Del Norte Bridge, said Leeser, who spent four hours in the Mexican city on Friday reviewing the situation.

Zerg Rush, 2021

If you think the Biden Regime is serious about dealing with the problem, think again. They only have the lie from the Cuban and Jewish Mayorkas, the border is closed! If the borders are closed, then why does DHS need new resources? Clearly the illegal aliens know the border is wide open.

But with the departure from the Biden Regime of Susan Rice, who knew the bad optics of an open border, the radicals are in charge. Expect their plan to be more open borders, not less.

Rice was often reported to be behind various proposals to address migration with punitive measures at the U.S.-Mexico border, but the White House was careful to insulate her from public scrutiny on the matter…

And a New York Times story on child labor recently identified Rice as the author of a note written atop a memo from immigration advocates that blamed Title 42’s block on adults seeking asylum as a factor in so many unaccompanied children traveling to their border without their parents.

“This is BS,” Rice wrote about the memo’s conclusion. “What is leading to ‘voluntary’ separation is our generosity to UCs!”

Rice’s Departure Brings Relief To Immigration Advocates, by Rebecca Beitsch, The Hill/Yahoo News, April 30, 2023

Rice knew that if you encourage illegal aliens to come to the United States, then they will follow that encouragement. Who would have thought that release on parole, employment authorization, and welfare would increase and encourage more illegal immigration? But the Camp of the Saints is the new plan with the Biden Regime, apparently giving up on the bad optics of the zerg rush.

It will be bad, very bad. But what will happen? I expect the Border Patrol Agents charged with processing tens of thousands of illegal aliens a day will just stop working, and justifiably. Work slowdowns, use of sick leave, ignoring orders, and other tactics will be the result of sheer exhaustion. And the Border Patrol union should unofficially and quietly encourage its members to work-to-rules and gum up the works through bureaucratic lethargy. The Biden Regime can’t fire them all.


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