Complete Biden Regime Failure On The Border
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The Biden Regime had hoped the Parole Amnesty would break the pressure on the border and limit the zerg rush, smoothing the way to take the border out of the headlines and remove the issue from the 2024 campaign. At first, border arrests were down; for some strange reason arrests of illegal aliens are now being called encounters, mostly for Orwellian reasons, an arrest followed by release or parole is still an arrest. So “border encounters” is just another Biden lie.

But for whatever small decline in border arrests happened in the early months of 2023, that is over. Arrests have increased dramatically, and because the parole amnesty is not working at discouraging illegals, but encouraging, especially since even single adults are being released, not expelled either under Title 42 or Expedited Removal. Instead arrests are up, with the Lügenpresse trying to spin it as merely a seasonal increase.

Border Patrol apprehensions in the Southwest increased last month, as warming spring temperatures allowed migrants to more easily make their way to the U.S., according to Customs and Border Protection.

Migrant encounters by Border Patrol agents increased 25% from February to March, according to CBP, marking the lowest February to March rate of increase since President Joe Biden took office.

[Border Patrol Apprehensions Increased Last Month In Line With Past Trends, New Data Shows, By Quinn Owen, ABC News/Yahoo News, April 17, 2023]

Also increasing are arrests at the northern border and on the sea coasts.

The data released Monday shows that nationwide, authorities apprehended or detained migrants more than 250,000 times. Significant increases were reported by CBP in southern Florida, where some migrants land boats illegally, as well as along the northern border.

But the long-term outlook is bad, increasing numbers of Venezuelans, supposedly amenable for the Parole Amnesty, are increasing massively in the Darien Gap, which is only a collection point for either the alien smuggling cartels or for buses and ships funded by the United States for onward transportation to the border.

There may be fewer people from those four countries reaching the Southwest—but they’re still migrating, according to one country’s data. Panama recorded more Venezuelans crossing the notorious Darien Gap this March than compared to last year. Although not as high as the fall, those numbers have climbed back up—an indication that many are being forced to stay in Mexico now or go elsewhere along the way.

Now, the Biden strategy at the border was bound to fail, every single step encouraged illegal immigration, but the Parole Amnesty was supposed to take the pressure off the border, but the unintended side effect was to just encourage more illegal immigration. Mostly because the Biden Regime did not have the fortitude to enforce Expedited Removal against any group of illegals, despite the plan to force illegals into the parole program to solve the public relations disaster at the border.

The only question is: What will the Biden Regime do next? And will the Supreme Court have the fortitude to end the Parole Amnesty?

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