Zerg Rush At The Border: More Evidence Of The Failure Of The Biden Plan
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Joe Biden thought he could fool the public on immigration. First, his plan was denial—there is no disaster at the border—and that lasted for two years. Now the Biden Plan is to solve the zerg rush at the border by either paroling or releasing illegal aliens who appear at the border. The strategy was to reduce the public appearance of illegal immigration by legalizing it or concealing it in the bureaucratic system. That now has failed.

That system fell apart at the weekend as thousands of illegal aliens rushed the bridges over the Rio Grande and stormed Ports-of-Entry (POE) located in El Paso. The locus of the attack appears to be Venezuelans who have been unable to access the Biden Amnesty through the smart phone application CBP One and obtain their illegal Biden Parole Amnesty.

More evidence of the failure has come out, detailing how Venezuelans are leading the attack on the border.

Jackson Solis, a 23-year-old Venezuelan, was among those who came to the bridge on Sunday to see if the rumor was true.

“We all ran and they put a fence with barbed wire around us. They threw tear gas at us,” he said.

Solis told AFP he had been waiting six months to try to schedule an appointment to apply for asylum in the United States, where he wants to work. Appointments must now be booked through a Customs and Border Protection mobile app that was introduced this year as asylum seekers were required to apply in advance rather than upon arrival.

[Rumor Sends Hundreds Of Migrants Rushing For U.S. Border At El Paso, CBS News/Yahoo News, March 13, 2023]

If the Biden Regime thought that CBP One would end the zerg rush and put immigration on the back burner, they should think again. Record numbers of illegal aliens are transiting the Darien Gap from Columbia to Panama, then onward to Mexico to storm the border again.

As the number of migrants arriving at Panama’s southern border by traveling through a perilous jungle area known as the Darien Gap has sharply increased, officials met Thursday to roll out a plan to bus migrants close to the country’s northern border.

The decision comes less than a month after dozens were killed in the deadliest migration accident in Panama’s history when a bus headed north fell off a cliff.

Now, officials will temporarily provide buses to transport migrants arriving from the Darien Gap to the Chiriqui province, which borders Costa Rica.

According to government, almost 58,000 migrants mostly from Haiti, Venezuela and Ecuador entered Panama in the first two months of the year through the Darien Gap, a lawless stretch of mountainous jungle.

[As Darien Arrivals Grow, Panama Moves Migrants North, Reuters/Yahoo News, March 10, 2023]

Note that two of the three mentioned nationalities, Haitians and Venezuelans, are covered by the Biden Regime Parole Amnesty, but the illegal aliens have decided to make the attempt to enter illegally despite the amnesty. Clearly, the Parole Amnesty is not preventing the zerg rush from continuing.

It looks like immigration will be a major issue in 2024. The only question is whether the Republicans will use it to their advantage. It looks like Kevin McCarthy is doing nothing to stem the flow by adding language ending the Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty to the budget and debt ceiling bills.

It will be up to President Trump and Governor DeSantis to make this an issue.


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