Tea Party Leader Threatened In Arizona—Left Reacts With More Hate
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This from Talking Points Memo, founded as a pro-Clinton site, (hence the name) now a pro-Obama, anti-Tea Party site, doing some straight reporting:

Tucson Tea Party Leader Says Threats Are Keeping Him Away From Obama Rally Evan McMorris-Santoro | January 12, 2011, TUCSON, AZ —
Trent Humphries, the leader of the largest tea party group in this mourning southern Arizona city, has nothing but praise for the way President Obama has led the nation through the aftermath of Saturday's mass shooting at a constituent event for Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ). But Humphries won't be there tonight when Obama speaks at a memorial rally intended to unify Tucson after six people were killed in the tragedy.
Humphries says he's been getting threats at his home from people who seem to hold him and his organization partially responsible for the shootings Saturday.
Humphries told TPM he thinks Obama's visit will help put an an end to the political debates and let Tucson refocus on healing after the deaths of six of its citizens. Humphries told TPM he's called the Sheriff's department more than once in the past few days to make them aware of threatening phone calls.
"We got a not-so-veiled threat," Humprhies told me. "The Sheriff's deputies told me to stay away from public places."[More]

First of all, this is a fairly predictable response to the MSM demonization of the tea  party. Second, the comments from TPM readers are even more predictable:

  • "Oh Trent, just "man up" and take some Republican "personal responsibility" and go. "
  • "You really think someone threatened this clown??? These people are playing the victim since they lit the match/ I don't buy it for a second! "
  • "Another coward hiding in Arizona "
  • "Now you see how it feels to be hated for who you are. Welcome to the Real World!"

As far as Trent Humphries staying away from the Obama rally is concerned, a man whose life has been threatened should be carrying a gun for self-defense. An Obama rally is the one place in Arizona he couldn't do that.

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