UC Berkeley Chancellor Blames Sovereignty Defenders for Tucson Massacre
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Far left loons from far and wide have been shouting invective upon Saturday’s shooting in Arizona, blaming free speech from conservatives as the cause, even though the perp appears to be a paranoid schizophrenic with a long rap sheet of anti-social behavior and no political affiliation.

In California, Robert J. Birgeneau, [Email him] the Chancellor of the University of California has seen fit to join the liberal cluster rant, by sending an e-mail to the entire UC system. The missive has shown up in the media, like the San Francisco Chronicle (where hundreds of readers commented, mostly negatively).

He complains about ”discrimination against undocumented persons,” which most Americans would describe as the rule of law.

Chancellor issues statement on Arizona shootings, UC Berkeley News, January 10, 2011

Dear members of our campus community:

This weekend’s shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and the deaths and injuries of many others in the horrific event at Tucson, Arizona have shocked our nation. We here at UC Berkeley offer our sincere condolences to everyone who has been personally affected by this tragedy.

Such a brutal and violent attack on an individual who has devoted herself to public service is deeply regrettable. It calls upon us as an academic community to stop and ponder the climate in which such an act can be contemplated, even by a mind that is profoundly disturbed. A climate in which demonization of others goes unchallenged and hateful speech is tolerated can lead to such a tragedy. I believe that it is not a coincidence that this calamity has occurred in a state which has legislated discrimination against undocumented persons. This same mean-spirited xenophobia played a major role in the defeat of the Dream Act by legislators in Washington, leaving many exceptionally talented and deserving young people, including our own undocumented students, painfully in limbo with regard to their futures in this country.

On our own campus, and throughout all the campuses of the University of California, we must continue to work toward a climate of equity and inclusion for all. We must be vigilant to condemn hate speech and acts of vandalism on our campuses by those wanting to promote enmity. We must work to support dialogue about our differences and eschew expressions of demonization of others, including virulent attacks on Israel, anti-Muslim graffiti, racism towards African-Americans, Chicano/Latinos and other underrepresented minority groups, and homophobic acts. Continuing to support our principles of community will ensure a better and safer campus. We must do this now so that our students, as future leaders of this great country, will continue to set the standard for a better and safer nation.

Robert J. Birgeneau, Chancellor, UC Berkeley

Birgeneau is no stranger to pushing the diversity line to the max, against traditional citizenship and national sovereignty. He enthusiastically supported the DREAM Act, despite the fact that it would have enabled more alien students to take valued slots from citizens.

In 2005, he complained about insufficient skin-color variety (Cal chancellor warns of diversity crisis), even though UC Berkeley has had more Asian undergrads than whites for years. By 2007, UCB was 70 percent non-white.

In fact, the New York Times reported in a 2007 piece about how UC Berkeley had become very Chinese (Little Asia on the Hill) quoted a student remarking that ”Here, many people speak Chinese as their primary language.”

As an illustration, note the sign in Chinese in the 2010 photo below of students protesting tuition increases near Berkeley’s iconic Sather Gate. Diverse enough yet?

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