Swedish Girl Whose Airline Protest Prevent Afghan's Deportation Facing Jail In Sweden
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A Swedish woman who sabotaged an attempt to deport an Afghan criminal from Sweden may be going to jail herself.

Swedish student who grounded deportation flight faces prosecution

by David Crouch, The Guardian, October 20, 2018

Sweden is to prosecute the 21-year-old student who single-handedly grounded an aircraft preparing to deport an Afghan asylum seeker.

Elin Ersson broadcast her one-woman protest on Facebook in July, during which she refused to sit down on the flight from Landvetter airport in Gothenburg, thereby preventing it from taking off. The video has been watched 13m times.

Several other passengers, including an entire football team, joined her protest and an asylum seeker was removed from the plane—to applause from passengers.

On Friday, Swedish prosecutors announced that Ersson would be prosecuted at Gothenburg district court “for crimes against the aviation law” after the incident on 23 July. She had not complied with the captain’s request and had refused to sit despite repeated requests from the crew, prosecutors said. She faces a fine and up to six months in jail.

Onboard the plane, Ersson carried a photograph of the young Afghan whose deportation she and other asylum activists were seeking to prevent. However, after searching the flight she found he was not on board. She decided to continue her protest to prevent the deportation of another Afghan on the flight, who it emerged had a criminal record.[More]

Of course he had a criminal record—Sweden doesn't deport nearly enough people, and it takes something serious for them to be deported.The Swedish Police aren't being  very forthcoming, but it seems he may have spent two years in jail for some kind of assault before being deported. That's the kind of thing the Guardian doesn't want to know—I had to look it up on the Internet.[Afghan migrant whose deportation was thwarted by 'hero' Swedish student was actually sentenced for assault, By Lukas Mikelionis,Fox News, July 31, 2018]

The same thing happened in England—James Kirkpatrick blogged about it with the headline Great Moments In Wokeness: Somali Saved From Deportation By Mob Was Gang Rapist.

The people who do this are enemies of their own countries.

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