Susan Goldberg's Race Card: "White, Privileged, With Much To Learn"
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From Rod Dreher:

We have done several articles about National Geographic editor Susan Goldberg [Tweet her] because National Geographic has a long history of doing science about human diversity...and now they wish they hadn't.

From Lance Welton, in 2018

Inaugurating her Politically Correct remake of National Geographic, Editrix-In-Chief Susan Goldberg wrote recently:

“Some of what you find in our archives leaves you speechless, like a 1916 story about Australia. Underneath photos of two Aboriginal people, the caption reads: ‘South Australian Blackfellows: These savages rank lowest in intelligence of all human beings.’”

Meet Australian Aborigines—They Make African Americans Look Like A Model Minority

This is the picture, and I have to tell you that people who measure intelligence still get that result.

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A while back, Ms. Goldberg said in NatGeo's "Race Issue" that

… I’m the tenth editor of National Geographic since its founding in 1888. I’m the first woman and the first Jewish person—a member of two groups that also once faced discrimination here.

Yes, but from the point of view of 2021, she's just another white woman. Why doesn't she resign, and have herself replaced by Aruna Khilanani?

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