Hinderaker, Powerline: Gang Bill More Important Threat To America Than Scandals
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H/T One Old Vet

Proof that Mickey Kaus was right in Kaus: Obama scandals helping The Eight Banditos appeared  with surprising speed yesterday in Lerner’s admission of IRS’s inappropriate behavior was pre-planned public disclosure by Alexis Levinson The Daily Caller 5/17/2013

WASHINGTON – Last week, Lois Lerner, head of the tax exempt division of the Internal Revenue Service dropped a bombshell: The IRS had been applying extra scrutiny to conservative groups claiming tax exempt status...

As it turns out, it was not a spontaneous  revelation. The question, said outgoing IRS Commissioner Steven Miller in testimony before the House Ways and Means Committee Friday, was planted, as part of a prepared strategy for the IRS to release this information to the public.

The explosion of rage about the politicization of the IRS has all but completely obliterated coverage of the Amnesty/Immigration Acceleration Bill by the Talk Shows and by Drudge. Coverage by the MSM has always been minimal, of course, but they have leapt at the chance to publicize Treason Lobby servants Senators Rubio and Graham posturing as defenders of the people. Patriots need to question the timing.

News that the release was very likely a sophisticated PR stratagem makes John Hinderaker’s calm wisdom the day before all the more laudable:

Let’s put aside the Obama administration’s scandals for a moment, and return to an issue that will have a great deal more to do with America’s future: immigration. The proposed Gang of Eight bill will result in somewhere between 30 million and 57 million new immigrants over the next ten years. This is, in a nutshell, why the bill is so bad. The impact of such a mass influx of immigrants, the vast majority unskilled, on America’s existing pool of unskilled and semi-skilled labor will be catastrophic.


Hinderaker quotes extensively from a powerful essay Immigration Reform Bill Will Devastate Low-Skilled American Workers By Peter Kirsanow New Journal & Guide Wednesday, 15 May 2013 which says


That is what likely awaits low-skilled American workers upon passage of the “Gang of Eight” immigration reform bill. The assurances of the bill’s proponents that the bill will somehow help the economy obscure copious evidence that the bill will wreak enormous damage to the employment prospects of American workers who have already seen their wages and employment rates plummet over the last several years...

The bill is structured so that most of the immigrants will be low-skilled. These immigrants will compete with Americans in the low-skilled labor markets. The competition is most fierce in some of the industries in which blacks historically have been highly concentrated, such as construction, agriculture and service. Since the supply of low-skilled workers already exceeds the demand, the massive influx in low-skilled immigrants bodes ill for all such workers, but particularly black males.

Hinderaker concludes

…hardly any Democrats in Congress–those same Democrats who insist that they are on the side of the working man–care how the immigration bill will impact existing low-wage workers…it is the duty of Congress...to look out only for the interests of American citizens. We owe absolutely nothing to illegal immigrants, but we–Congressmen, that is–owe a duty of loyalty to American citizens who are already having a hard time making ends meet.

As I pointed out while applauding his evisceration of the Gang Bill in Two Devastating Analyses Of Gang Bill (Bring Blood Pressure Meds) Hinderaker and Powerline are pretty well absent from the VDARE.com archives which means that they are newcomers to the Amnesty Wars. His colleague Paul Mirengoff, who gracefully concedes in The Hispanic Vote In Presidential Elections Powerline May 16, 2013 that he was recently a victim of the Bush 2004 44% fallacy (of which he gives a good account) was, uniquely, discussed directly in Hmmm Powerline Agrees With Peter Brimelow! In 2010.

Mirengoff concludes his blog by saying

Republicans are deluding themselves when they attribute Hispanic voting patterns to the issue of immigration — the numbers don’t support that argument. They are also deluding themselves when they claim that the Hispanic population that has voted so overwhelmingly Democratic for decades can be won over in the foreseeable future by a Republican Party that favors limited government.

That this has dawned on these stalwarts of the Respectable Right – and that they are not distracted by the scandal circus – is very bad news for the Treason Lobby/GOP Establishment Division

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