Sunday News: Administration To Deport Or Jail All Illegals Within 3 Months
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H/T Pic Hamodia

Unfortunately it is the Israeli Administration.

H/T the wonderful webzine The New Observer for Israeli Cabinet Unanimously Adopts African Expulsion Program November 19 2017

As expected, the Israeli cabinet today unanimously adopted a program to expel all their 40,000 fake African refugees to Uganda—regardless of their countries of origin—and indefinitely imprison those who “refuse to leave.”

According to a report on the Israeli Channel 10 News, the Holot concentration camp in southern will be closed within three months, and not the four originally planned

…the Israeli Minister of Public Security, Gilad Erdan, said on Twitter that “Holot has become a hotel for the infiltrators that does not discourage infiltration” any longer—in other words, giving the Africans shelter and food was actually encouraging them to stay.

The New Observer rightly says
Israel is the only country to have fully implemented a real policy to deal with the current fake refugee invasion from the Third World.

The Jewish ethnostate has correctly recognized that a mass population transfer from the Third World will destroy Israel’s racial and cultural make-up, and has built walls all around that state to physically halt the invaders from getting in.

After the New Observer posted early today some English language discussions became available: Gov’t: Jail or Emigration Only Choices for Illegal Migrants Now Hamodia Sunday September 19, 2017
...Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said that Israel had a multi-faceted approach to dealing with the flood of illegal migrants. “At the first stage, we try to stop them, and for that purpose we erected a security fence and passed laws that together have significantly cut down on the number of migrants entering the country,” Netanyahu said. “The second stage is removing them from the country, and we have managed to send some 20,000 who volunteered to leave abroad. Now we are at the third stage — an increased pace of deportation, which can take place as a result of an international agreement we negotiated. We will be able to remove the 40,000 illegal migrants who remain here even if they are unwilling to leave. Thanks to this agreement, we can close the Holot facility.”
As we have repeatedly documented in our Netanyahu for President! series, the Israeli Prime Minister faced with the nation-threatening African influx has served his country like a true Statesman.  First a really effective fence along the entire Sinai border, then determined eviction, despite Court opposition and International complications.

Why not here?

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