A Tale Of Two Fences: American And Israeli Border Policies
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Texas Border Fence Sept 5, 2014 H/T New York Times

Consider the contrast between the picture of the U.S/Mexican fence used by the New York Times story cited by Steve Sailer today in Conventional Wisdom Wrong on Politics of Immigration for Sixth Time in a Row and the one of the Israel/Sinai fence I used last week in my blog Only In Israel: Exodus of Illegals Accelerates; Border Fence Working (Of Course).


H/T isrealstreet.org

Or, getting really serious, the one illustrating the Israel/West Bank border in  Examiner: Israel Fence News Highlights Obama's US Fence Malfeasance

Israel fence

H/T Examiner.com

The difference? Israel’s rulers care about their people. America’s despise theirs.

Time for the GOP Establishment to adopt their owner’s idea:  “Put A Big Fence Around Our Country

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