Israel Shows Way On Illegals AND Judges
Print Friendly and PDF has chronicled with fascination the Israelis' expeditous elimination of their illegal immigration problem, e.g. Sheldon Adelson: "Put A Big Fence Around Our Country" (Israel, That Is).

Right now, the enterprising Israels have built what certainly would be denounced as a "concentration camp" if Americans had done it: 

HOLOT, Israel (Reuters) - A compound of one-storey buildings deep in the southern Israeli desert is now home to some 400 African migrants who face the prospect of being held in custody indefinitely.

The detainees in what the authorities call an "open" detention centre are allowed to leave for a few hours each day, but given its remote location near the Egyptian frontier, travel is impractical.

No easy way out for African migrants in Israeli desert detention, By Allyn Fisher-Ilan, Yahoo News/ Reuters, February 14, 2014. (Emphases added to quotations throughout]

Particularly interesting is the Israel reaction to interfering judges: they go around them, whereas American politicians happily capitulate:

Israel opened the Holot complex in December after its Supreme Court stopped the practice of jailing illegal migrants for up to three years in regular prisons.

Judicial imperialism is on the rise in the US. The ultimate remedy is impeachment, but here the Israelis have taken one of several intermediate steps.

Reuters adds:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said the influx threatens Israel's Jewish character and wants the majority of migrants removed.

When will a U.S. politician defend the American character of America?

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