Summer in the City: 137 Murdered in Chicago in June-July
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From the Chicago Tribune:

Sanders-Wilson was among the last of the 65 people killed in Chicago in July, a toll that pushed the number of homicides in the city this year to nearly 400. The total for all of last year was 490.

It was the deadliest July since 2006, when 65 homicides were also recorded, according to Chicago Police Department records. Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson noted that the month was still lower than June, when 72 homicides were reported.

But Johnson acknowledged that the same neighborhoods have been taking the brunt of the gun violence. “We shake our heads and ask why some of our communities on the West and South sides are being held hostage,” he said at a news conference

On the last weekend of July, a total of seven people were killed and 45 others were wounded, many in those areas.

This year’s huge death toll in Chicago is likely the result of the release last Thanksgiving time of the video of a deplorable police shooting.

But the general pattern of high homicides in this decade in Chicago is under-explored.

Note that Chicago’s leadership caste in this century has largely consisted of sophisticated and ruthless Obama Administration insiders: Rahm, Penny Pritzker, Bill Daley, Valerie Jarrett, etc. As far as I can tell, they share a strategy of making Chicago more like Paris by moving the Problem People out of town: tear down housing projects near the lake, send their residents to suburbs or Dubuque with Section 8 vouchers … It’s the kind of foolproof plan that you could have explained to former Minister of Housing and Construction Ariel Sharon in 20 words and he would have woken up from his coma just to tell you he grasps perfectly what you mean.

And Chicago Insiders don’t much have to worry about being harassed by the Obama Administration for discrimination because they are, more or less, the Obama Administration.

And yet …

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