Immigration Courts In Collapse, Time To Use And Expand Expedited Removal
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It is no surprise that the nation's immigration courts—the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR)—are collapsing under the weight of massive numbers of illegal aliens.  It is due to two major factors, the refusal of the Obama Regime to use Expedited Removal and the Obama Regime’s encouragement of the Border Surge of illegal aliens from Central America.
A backlog in the nation's federal immigration courts has reached 500,051 cases, the highest number ever recorded, according to U.S. immigration officials Friday.

Los Angeles immigration courts have a current backlog of 49,550 pending cases, according to the federal Executive Office for Immigration Review. That number is nearing L.A. courts' fiscal year 2015 backlog of 50,842 waiting cases.

Last year, Los Angeles had the second-largest case backlog in the nation behind New York.

The growing backlog of cases stems from several reasons: few available immigration judges, immigration laws that have grown more complicated over the years, and changing migration patterns, the head of the immigration judges' union said Friday.

[Backlog Of Pending Cases At Immigration Courts Hits Record High, by Leslie Rojas, KPPC, July 22, 2016]

Unfortunately cuckservative Paul Ryan and other RINOs have pandered to Obama.  Instead of including language in appropriations statutes implementing and expanding Expedited Removal, they have  decided adding more immigration judges is the solution to the outright fraud being perpetrated—by the Regime and the illegal aliens—under the guise of "asylum."  Over 90% of illegal aliens never show up to immigration court anyway, so what is the point of more judges?
Federal officials said they are trying to address the backlog by beefing up staffing, and that Congress has already appropriated funds to hire 90 new judges and supporting staff.
The real solution to the border surge of Central American illegal aliens is Expedited Removal, which is the administrative review of any claim to enter the United States, and the expeditious removal of those aliens who make those fraudulent claims to asylum back across the border to Mexico—where they came from.

Aggressive application of Expedited Removal will not only remove those illegal aliens clogging up immigration court, but also discourage future illegal entries.  Something that Barack Obama and Paul Ryan clearly don't want.

There are limitations to Expedited Removal, though, and those need to be addressed by Congress. The advantages are that any illegal alien who enters the United States can be removed within two years of said entry and any criminal illegal alien can be removed at any time.  The Obama Regime is not using Expedited Removal for criminal aliens at all, and only in a highly limited manner for some aliens encountered at Port-of-Entry and some aliens encountered in the border area, but not the Central American border surge illegal aliens.

Unfortunately, many illegal aliens have been here more than two years, though most of the border surge aliens have not. Congress, instead of adding more useless judges to the EOIR, needs to expand Expedited Removal to include any illegal alien and restrict the EOIR to aliens who have a legitimate claim to legal permanent residence.  Those are the only aliens who have any cognizable claim to anything more than an administrative review at the lowest level.  Let the EOIR only deal with non-criminal aliens who are legal permanent residents.

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