David Frum On Guestworker "Helot Visas"
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March 11, 2013, 05:27 PM
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David Frum in the Daily Beast:

Immigration debates often proceed as if high wages for U.S. workers were a problem to be overcome, rather than a policy goal to be achieved. What else explains the survival of the J visa program?

Initiated as a cultural exchange, it has degenerated into a scheme by which employers import helots to serve hamburgers, gut fish, and pole dance at minimal pay - sometimes no pay at all. When you hear that we need "guest workers," keep in mind that the U.S. already accepts 100,000 guest workers a year.[Let`s Talk About the `Guest Worker` Program, March 11, 2013]

Frum also has column on about it: For some employers, `immigration reform` means cheap labor,  March 11, 2013.

Frum is subject to attacks of good sense on immigration. He gave Alien Nation a good review, back in the day, and there are other examples on record.

However, there are limits. He`s writing for mainstream, Democratic outlets, and if he shows too much good sense on immigration he`ll get the treatment so many conservative immigration reporters get, which we`ve called "The Curse of Stein."