Laura Ingraham: Zuckerberg Ad Revenue Silencing "Conservative" Talk Show Hosts
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L Ingraham

Laura Ingraham: Champion for America

In the opinion of our Talk Radio correspondent, Laura Ingraham has emerged as the Patriotic leader in this venue on the Amnesty/Immigration Acceleration Bill.

Today she said the unsayable. Our man’s version

Laura Ingraham: Certain people are bought and paid for. And I would submit that applies to media figures as well.... This [Zuckerberg ad] is playing on a conservative radio show? How much are they dropping on conservative radio shows.... Some of the conservative radio folks have clammed up. Where are they?

Huge money is being spent repeatedly broadcasting the Zuckerberg/Rubio lies. The IRS commotion gives the suspects an easy excuse. Any alleged conservative host running this propaganda and avoiding the Gang Bill needs to be questioned.

Patriots should call them!

Ingraham specifically excepted Mark Levin. Breitbart carried a powerful story on Levin last night:  Exclusive—Levin: McConnell 'Orchestrating' Immigration Bill 'from the Shadows' by Matthew Boyle May 21 2013

Make no mistake, the ruling class wants to ram this down our throats, and that includes the GOP so-called leaders.

Laura Ingraham is not carried everywhere. A good way of accessing her in the internet is to go to the site and search for “Laura Ingraham Show”. Alternatively search there for WTNT.

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