Reality Dawns: NeoCon Princess Wonders About Young Muslim Immigrants
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Anne Applebaum: Mugged by Reality?

At first glance, Anne Applebaum seems a fairly standard issue Neoconservative Princess, equipped with Blue Chip educational credentials, the string of plum posts and awards with which these people adorn one another, and a record of attacking Anne Coulter.

Having said that, her fine new book Iron Curtain:The Crushing of Eastern Europe, 1944-56, which I have almost finished, is a valuable account of the process of the Communist takeover in Eastern Europe - depressingly parallel to the victory of the Cultural Marxists here.

Applebaum may be risking all this by straying off the Reservation on the matter of Muslim immigration. For Chechen brothers, something went terribly wrong The Washington Post April 19th 2013 questions the wisdom of having young Muslims around:

...the behavior of the Tsarnaev brothers looks less like that of hardened, trained terrorists and far more closely resembles the second-generation European Muslims who have staged bombings in Madrid, London and other European cities. Educated and brought up in Europe, these young men nevertheless felt out of place in Europe.

We don't expect to hear it from someone who grew up in Boston…But now it might be time to change our expectations. These terrorists are a lot less like the 9/11 attackers and a lot more like the men known as the Tube bombers of London or the train bombers of Spain. Our response is going to have to be different — very different — as well.

Neocons have done terrible damage to this country. Repentance is overdue. But this stance is going to be resented.

Applaud Anne Applebaum

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