Southern Baptist Treason Lobby Leader Represses Dow Blog's Refutation
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High and Mighty Prelate?

"High and Mighty Prelate?"

As I have noted previously, the Treason Lobby takeover of the Southern Baptist Church has caused our old friend the Dow Blog to reactivate, with three closely reasoned and scrupulously documented essays on the economic, political and theological aspects of the American immigration mess, written as a member of this denomination.

I strongly recommend them to anyone faced with the sanctimonious element of Open-Borders crowd.

All three essays, particularly the third, are focused on an article by Dr. Russell Moore, Dean of the School of Theology at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. The Dow Blog has judged Dr. Moore’s piece the most intellectually significant Treason Lobby statement by a Southern Baptist leader.

Dr. Moore’s blog allows comments…unless you are the Dow Blog, apparently. I learn from Darrell Dow’s Facebook page that he has tried to post there, but his remarks have never appeared.

This is pretty a contemptible way to treat a sincere, well-informed and reasonable member of one’s own Church. Complain to Dr Moore.

It could be that Dr. Moore is alarmed by the large number of comments which demonstrate a far better grasp of the consequences of America’s immigration disaster than he. For instance #13:

I have worked as a physician for thirty years and provided free medical care for illegal immigrants to the cost of several years of my life. I did it for Christ all the while preaching the gospel.

...The issue is now about the very survival of the nation. The nation is being invaded by those who knowingly are stealing jobs, welfare benefits and the culture of the US…. It is wrong to guilt people who feel that they own a country and may decide what they do with it by claiming that they must give it to others who are in the process of stealing it. I might later give care to the thief in prison who broke into my house but I do not offer him a meal while he is in the process of taking bread from the mouths of my children.

This in turn attracted a moving and highly relevant further comment:

I’m a drywaller in lancaster pa. and this problem is affecting me directly. It’s hard to compete with companies who use undocumented immigrants for a number of reasons mainly less overhead…The past two years have been the hardest for me and my family… The simple truth is that laws are broken and people need to be held accountable because it will not stop at just field workers and maids and construction jobs. Sooner or later it will affect you too.

It would be nice to think that Dr. Moore is reconsidering his position as a result of this input, or perhaps trying to figure out how to reply to the Dow Blog’s formidably comprehensive refutation.

But more likely he is off writing another groveling piece about Israel.

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