Yes, He Is In Fact Kidding
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A reader writes, re Steve Sailer's item DSK's Side Claims Accuser A Hooker below,

"He's kidding about not knowing who Cyrus Vance is, or who his father was, right? I don't buy the conspiracy theories and such, but those Vances are one connected family."

Steve Sailer had written

"But all this conspiracy thinking is nuts. After all, the DA who perp-walked the potential French presidential candidate is just some local DA with no connections whatsoever to foreign affairs: Cyrus Vance Jr. What kind of hick name is that? Cyrus Vance? He sounds like he's from Dogpatch. Just a country boy from West Virginia."

Yes, Steve is kidding.

While it's unlikely that anyone in the DA's office was coordinating with anyone in France, or for that matter in the Obama Administration, if I were to suspect that, I would consider the fact that DA Cyrus Vance, Jr. is the son of Jimmy Carter's Secretary of State to be suspicious. (By the way, Steve is right about the Vance name—the elder Vance was born in Clarksburg, W. VA.)

However, it's more likely that Vance, Jr. is employing the liberal template that says that the female minority accuser is always in the right, and the older, established, white male is always in the wrong. By contrast, if this crime had involved a white female victim, and a black male hotel employee, we would have seen the DA and the press go into full To Kill A Mockingbird mode.

Since the New York DA's office deals with real crime committed by real people, it's full of people who know better. In an attempt to translate Law & Order, Special Victims Unit into real life, Vance overruled them. See Lawrence Auster's comments here.

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