Some Rando On The Street Does A Better Job Of Explaining The Causes Of The Pentland-Williams Confrontation Than The Prestige Press
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Earlier: Here's A Remarkably Upside-Down WP Article About The Heroic White Sergeant Who Was Arrested For Defending Women And Children From A Black Lunatic Sex Criminal And Baby-Snatcher

The protester’s explanation is more or less confirmed by the black woman who created the notorious video: Pentland did not initiate the confrontation, he was called in by a woman seeking a protector. From Newsweek:

The woman behind the viral video that captured Army Sergeant Jonathan Pentland shoving a Black man in a confrontation is speaking out.

Shadae McCallum told WCSC she had been on a walk in a South Carolina neighborhood Monday evening when she saw the altercation break out between a woman and a young Black man and thought they knew each other.

McCallum said. “I was just minding my business, and then her mother-in-law comes out as well and started yelling at him, telling him he needs to leave and he doesn’t live here. But then again, it wasn’t a big deal, it wasn’t physical. It was just an argument until the mother-in-law goes from her house and she gets Mr. Pentland out of his house, and that’s when he came in. He was being very aggressive.”

McCallum said Pentland then pushed the young man, at which point she took out her phone to begin recording.

It’s possible that the videographer was in on it from beforehand, but, probably more likely, she really was out for a walk in her neighborhood in the pleasant April in South Carolina evening.

That of course would mean the neighborhood is not some 100% white bastion of racism, but that Sgt. Pentland chose to live in an integrated one.

By the way, the young lady who took the video is signed up with a modeling agency. She’s into kind of a 1970s Pam Grier look.

Judging by her twitter feed, she’s a girly-girl who is really into hair and make-up.

Her pinned tweet is one of the more sensible things I’ve seen anybody say about World War Hair:

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