Don't Mention the Hate Hoax! White Superintendent In School Hoaxed By Black Female Apologizes For Word "Hoax"
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From the Daily Mail news section:

Minnesota high school student who was falsely accused of sending racist Instagram messages to a black classmate fears for her safety despite officials confirming they were a hoax


PUBLISHED: 14:23 EDT, 16 April 2021 | UPDATED: 14:41 EDT, 16 April 2021

A high school student from Minnesota has spoken out about being falsely accused of sending vile racist messages to black classmates, after the incident was exposed as a hoax.

Avery Severson, a sophomore at White Bear Lake High School near St. Paul, was falsely accused of sending the racist direct messages, prompting outrage and a student walkout.

But school officials said that an FBI investigation revealed that the female student who created the hateful messages wanted 'to raise awareness of social and racial injustice' by staging the stunt. They refused to name the true perpetrator.


‘I had an escort walk me to and from class. I just felt unsafe in my community. Adults were even posting the screenshots’ of the racist messages she was blamed for, Avery said.

Avery explained that for about a year, she had been attempting to organize a campus chapter of Turning Point USA, the conservative youth group.

School officials told her she needed to gather at least 20 students before she could start the club.

‘And the last couple of weeks, we got close to that number and then these rumors online started going around about me, accusing me of sending racist, terrible, hateful messages to a black student at my school with no evidence pointing to me,’ Avery said.

Screenshots first published by WCCO-TV show the racist Instagram messages sent by the anonymous account @GoWhiteBear, a reference to the school name.. …

‘You should get hanged. You’re a dirty African girl. Nobody wants you here. Go to a black school, This is WHITE bear lake,’ another read.

F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote his short story “Winter Dreams” about a beautiful girl golfer at the Black Bear Lake Yacht Club while living in White Bear Lake in 1922.

White Bear students of all races reacted with anger and shock at the racist messages, with the student body conducting a walkout in protest.

XXX XXX, one of the apparent targets of the messages, led the charge.

I’m Xing out the name of the black girl who led the charge because she’s a child.

‘The school needs to protect us. School is a place where we’re supposed to be able to be safe and learn,’ she said addressing a student rally.

‘Somebody really took the time out of their day to send death threats to me and my beautiful friends just because we are a little darker than the rest of y’all,’ said XXX . …

The student body at White Bear Lake High School South Campus is 76 percent white, 7 percent Asian, 6 percent Hispanic, and 6 percent African American.

Earlier this week, White Bear Lake Superintendent Wayne Kazmierczak [Tweet him/Email him] admitted that the messages were a 'hoax' in a note to families, Minnesota news site Bring Me The News reported.

He later apologized for using the term ‘hoax’, saying on Wednesday that he in no way intended to ‘minimize the impact that racism or racist acts has on students and families who have been marginalized throughout history and in White Bear Lake Area Schools.’

… ‘Nevertheless, the postings have caused tangible fear and alarm throughout our community,’ the statement hastened to add.

‘It is critical to acknowledge the importance of these conversations related to racial equity and justice affixed to this incident, and to commit to on-going dialogue that leads to meaningful outcomes.’

School officials are withholding the identity of the student who sent the anonymous messages.

In other words, a blood libel against a white child, even though it is, in a technical sense, not true, is still true in the larger, more profound sense that whites are bad.

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