Shakedown Success
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Yesterday I wrote about the unseemly squawking from the Chinese community about the outcome to a recent New Years baby contest: Jackpot Baby Loses Extra Freebies; Complaints Ensue.

The rules clearly state that "Sweepstakes only open to women... who are legal residents of the 50 United States or Washington DC." What could be more clear? Births to illegal aliens are not eligible.

Yet when Chinese race hustlers shrieked "discrimination," Toys 'R' Us folded like a cheap lawn chair. The company decided to give $25,000 savings bonds to the top three babies, hoping to keep everyone happy. However, no friend of American law and sovereignty could find this an equitable outcome [Toys 'R' Us Reverses Controversial New Years Baby Decision, New York One 1/7/07].

"This is particularly troublesome given the history of Asian-Americans in the United States, where we have been seen as invisible or treated as perpetual foreigners or second class citizens," said Liz OuYank of the Organization of Chinese Americans. "And here, clearly, she was born in the United States, is a U.S. citizen and the award should be based on simply that."

It's also tiresome that Chinese continue to carp about how rotten America has been to them when they are doing quite well indeed as a group (e.g. the household income of Asians living in the US is 117% that of non-Hispanic Whites). A story in today's New York Times described at length how UC Berkeley has become "overwhelmingly Asian."

Another jackpot baby article included a threat from one of the Chinese shakedown artists who stirred up all this trouble [In Reversal, Toys 'R' Us Gives 3 Baby Prizes, New York Times 1/07/07].

Some people were concerned that the parents' status had been exposed, he said. "But the safest place is actually the eye of the storm," Mr. Wang said, "and any politician who says we should deport the parents, it would be the end of their political career."

The episode marks one more assault on the idea of multi-racial assimilation, in which an immigrant group clearly sides with lawbreakers of its tribe against the national American community.

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