Science Discovers Why Women Of Color Academics Tend To Be Less Productive Than White Men
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From the study:

Growing attention is also being paid to nonsexual harassment, such as bullying and incivility, which are characterized by repeated mistreatment that is threatening, humiliating, or intimidating to another person. A 2017 survey indicated that 66% of bullying targets are women (Workplace Bullying Institute, 2017). Whether women are more likely to be the targets of scientific bullying, including the persistent and often public challenging of one’s scientific integrity, conduct, and/or findings, is unknown. Also unknown is whether women who witness scientific bullying (of women or men) are more likely to leave academia for other pursuits. We suggest tracking these behaviors in psychological science to allow for future studies.

Remember, women of science, when a man challenges your scientific findings, that is bullying. Follow The Science!

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