San Francisco Advertises Sanctuary to Attract More Illegals
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San Francisco is up to its eyeballs in red ink, but lowlife Mayor Gavin Newsom can't give away taxpayer money fast enough to illegal aliens. In order to speed up the waste of money, he has decided to advertise the fact that the city is a sanctuary for illegals (and has been since 1989).

Uber-lib politicians do love to feel virtuous: "Come one, come all—get your free welfare goodies in generous, liberal San Francisco! We are nicer than Lou Dobbs and all those annoying citizens who believe in law and borders."

A series of new television and radio commercials, billboards and bus shelter signs will soon go up around San Francisco advertising the fact that the city by the bay is also a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants.

City officials on Wednesday unveiled the $83,000 ad campaign, which features images of smiling residents and the iconic city skyline and spreads the message in English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese and Russian. Brochures, which will be handed out in public buildings like police stations and hospitals, promise safe access to city services for the undocumented and a don't-ask-don't-tell policy when it comes residency status.

"We are standing up to say to all of our residents: We don't care what your status is," Mayor Gavin Newsom said. "We care that you, as a human being, are a resident of our city and we want you to participate in the life of our city." [S.F. promotes services for illegal immigrants, San Francisco Chronicle, By Cecilia M. Vega, April 2, 2008]

On Wednesday, the Chronicle pointed out the city's large budget hole: San Francisco officials move to cut overtime pay.

The city is also facing a projected budget deficit of $338 million in the coming fiscal year, which begins in July.

But in wacko San Francisco, providing services for illegal aliens is job #1!

Below, Mayor Gavin Newsom showed his support for illegal Irish in 2007.

Inspired by San Francisco's generosity, the John and Ken radio show (broadcast from Los Angeles) plans on organizing busloads of illegal aliens to be sent north to San Francisco, financed by listeners. The show located a bus ticket that costs only $10 for a one-way red-eye trip.

John and Ken have put together some great political theater previously, such as Politial Human Sacrifice in 2004 that targeted useless Republican David Dreier for electoral defeat. They were not successful in getting him voted out of office, but Dreier was given a serious scare and improved his squishy support for immigration enforcement to some degree.

Listen to the segment where John and Ken plot to send thousands of LA's illegals to San Francisco (discussion of the bus ride project starts about 10 minutes into the mp3 file). Upon arrival, surely the foreigners will be welcomed personally by a joyful Mayor Newsom. Everybody happy!

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