Pedestrian Accidents Up in D.C. Area? Gee, What Could Be Causing That Trend?
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In the humble Fairfax County tab section of today's Washington Post, reporter Jerry Markon [Send him mail] tells us of the uptick in pedestrian accidents in the area, which has prompted the expenditure of $400,000 in taxpayer dollars on a new safety campaign: A New Push for Pedestrian Safety | Police Target Drivers, Walkers and Cyclists to Halt Increase in Area Fatalities, April 3, 2008.

What Markon doesn't say directly (or even ask about) is the obvious: that uptick is almost certainly caused by the influx of illegal aliens. You simply can't go out driving in the D.C. area without dodging, in any three-mile stretch, a small Hispanic man on a cheap child's bicycle, weaving wherever he pleases.

Not only does Markon hide this reality, he tries to spin it into something caused by racism and capitalism: "A recent study by Inova Fairfax Hospital found that many pedestrians involved in crashes are from 'marginalized portions of society,' including immigrants, the poor, minorities, the homeless and elderly people.'"

Hey, Jerry, maybe it's not "racism" causing the problem, but the the inability of illegal aliens to follow the American custom of walking on crosswalks. Never mind, I say and say again, that they're not even supposed to be here to begin with. Why is the cost of their double-layered lawlessness laid at my feet by the government and the media? Would Jerry bother talking to a citizen-motorist about having to dodge the omnipresent Hispanic jaywalkers and median-strip clingers?

The costs aren't limited to safety initiatives (in English and Spanish, thanks) that soft-headed government officials feel compelled to push. I see personal injury cases where police report witnesses have "Jorge Gonzalez" or "Maria Lopez" running into the street before getting hit by a car. Naturally, this doesn't stop them from suing the driver for negligence. Often, they pocket huge sums, which are usually paid for by municipalities or insurance companies.

And you know where that money ultimately comes from: those "nonmarginalized" folks we call law-abiding, tax-paying citizens. Ever notice how, for being "marginalized" as a group, illegal aliens spend a lot of time in the middle of the street—and the newspaper page?

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