San Diego County is Treating Gangs with Kid Gloves by Lifting Injunctions on Them
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Repeat after me.

Policing is racist.

That's what you're led to believe when you flip on TV, listen to some leftoid blowhard on YouTube, or overhear some leftists yammering on about at your local cafe.

The present-day insanity foisted upon the Historic American Nation is creating a collective hysteria that befits a society in cultural decline.

The mind virus of anti-white hatred is so firmly embedded in the Booboisie’s conscious that a commonsense practice such as policing is now deemed racist. 

Like all the Left’s revolutionary projects, the name of the game is gradualism. The goal is the abolition of law enforcement, but the Left must start with baby steps. Push too hard, and they might awaken the sleeping giant that is angry whites.

One of the ways the soft on crime Left is trying to undermine law enforcement is by making sure that the state can no longer punish gangs. Because, you know, non-whites are disproportionately represented among active gang members, therefore they’re facing unjust discrimination [Chicago Erases Gangs Database Because Activists Call it “Racist”, Red Elephants, February 24, 2019]. Flawless logic that the Left has going there.

Late last month, San Diego County District Attorney Summer Stephan announced that her office filed petitions in court to lift injunctions against street gangs—non-white gangs when we understand the demographic hue of gang activity in America—in cities within San Diego County’s jurisdiction. Traditionally, injunctions are a commonsense measure to restrict the movement of gang members and keep from wreaking havoc on the streets. But in Woke America, sensible public safety measures have become outmoded.

For a sneak preview of why San Diego County wants to turn an otherwise fine metro area into a safe space for criminal gangs:

In a move some view as a win for criminal justice reform, San Diego County Dist. Atty. Summer Stephan said this week that her office has filed petitions in court to lift all 20 injunctions against street gangs in cities throughout the county.

Seven of the 20 gang injunctions—court-approved orders that restrict the movements of alleged gang members—were dissolved as of Tuesday, with approval from judges in San Diego Superior Court.

For decades, police and prosecutors have used the injunctions to curb gang violence. But in some cases, the restrictions under the orders made it difficult for those who left that life behind to move on. Critics for years said injunctions, which stay in effect for a lifetime, impede the ability of people who put their gang days behind them to get jobs and housing. Some said the orders target communities of color.

“In listening to the communities we serve, I heard concern for the violence and harm that criminal organized gangs cause, but also that families are looking for more opportunities for healthy reentry for those who have turned their lives around,” Stephan said in a statement.

[San Diego County district attorney moves to lift all gang injunctions, by David Hernandez, San Diego Union-Tribune, April 27, 2021]

Perhaps we should start asking why non-whites routinely dominate crime statistics no matter which city you go to in the US. Most people are simply too scared to ponder the idea that minorities, on average, tend to be more violent, in large part due to cultural and genetic factors.

Frankly, if we are not allowed to ask uncomfortable questions and speak truth to power about non-white’s maladaptive behavior, America is destined to have a horrid 21st century. Multiracialism is a sociological time bomb that cannot be defused by reciting politically correct platitudes. If anything, the PC way of approaching race matters will blow up in all our faces if we continue down this path of race denialism.


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