Biden Administration Apprehends Times Square Shooter By Making Him Run Out Of Gas in Florida
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In an amazing display of—let's call it 5D Chess—the Biden Administration cleverly arranged for a gas shortage that would take down the Times Square Shooter, allowing him to escape from New York, knowing he'd run out of gas in Florida. 

From NBC2 News

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (WTLV) — The man accused of shooting two women and a toddler in New York City’s Time Square on Saturday was detained near Jacksonville.

Farrakhan Muhammad was found and taken into custody at a McDonald’s located at 802 South Walnut Street in Starke, according to NBC affiliate WTLV. He was found in his car when it ran out of gas due to gas station closures in Florida, Spectrum News NY1 reports
[Times Square shooting suspect caught in Florida after running out of gas, NBC2 News, May 12, 2021].

Amazing, isn't it?

A senior law enforcement official told NBC that NYPD detectives tracked Muhammad down by checking cameras that showed the suspect leaving Times Square to go to a hotel. There he changed clothes and was seen leaving with a woman believed to be his girlfriend.  They were believed to be heading South, and there was a confirmed sighting in North Carolina on Tuesday. Right now, his girlfriend is being questioned to see if she knew he was wanted and whether she was knowingly helping to harbor a fugitive.



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