Salon`s Michelle Goldberg On Immigration And The Left
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April 20, 2006, 06:03 PM
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Michelle Goldberg on writes about the damage that illegal immigration has done to blacks, she quotes an inner-city clergyman, whose left-wing anti-Bush credentials she establishes at some length, (he`s what`s sometimes called a "moonbat") arguing that "that social justice demands a crackdown on the undocumented. "I`m afraid the Minutemen have a point here," he says."

And here`s why:

Minshall says he sees the pain every day. Baltimore, he says, is full of young, black men who are "unemployable because they won`t work for $4.50 an hour." The influx of immigrants, he says, "is tilting everyone`s wages down, except for the upper class." He says that one member of his church, the owner of a roofing business, recently fired his entire crew and replaced them with immigrant contractors. The man felt "pushed up against a wall," Minshall says, because he couldn`t compete without using illegal labor. "The customer will always buy the $2,000 roof and not the $2,500 one," Minshall says, adding, "We`ve gotten so addicted to cheap goods."The left splits over immigration | News, April 20, 2006
Immigration hits the poor hardest, of course, of course because they`re most vulnerable. She quotes some of the same people at that Randall Burns noted recently, as well as economists Paul Krugman and George Borjas.

It`s a fact that all Americans stand to lose by immigration, "red, white, and black," as W. C. Edgar put it in a country song about immigration.

However, if the "Minutemen have a point here," is going to apologize for its 2003 smear of Chris Simcox and I`m just asking.

After all, the gravamen of Salon`s complaint immigration reform movement seemed to be that they were members of another group hard hit by immigration: white Americans.