An Anthem For The Immigration Reform Movement?
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April 21, 2005

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Michael Monastyrskyj writes:

A couple of days ago I came across a song that might make a good anthem for the immigration reform movement. It's by a country singer named W. C. Edgar. I don't think he's well known.

You can download the song called America, Red, White and Black, from Listen to the lyrics. Edgar says that America needs to lock its borders. He complains about immigrants who won't learn English. Even if honky tonk isn't your kind of music, you'll appreciate lyrics like this:

"Let's lock these borders down real tight from sea to shining sea,

And make a better tomorrow for you and me"

"You don't see no white man swimming the Rio Grande."

"If I want to hear some damn foreign language I'll take the first plane for Mexico or Afghanistan."

[VDARE.COM NOTE: W. C. Edgar's title, Red, White, And Black, refers to the unity of Americans like David Yeagley, D. A. King, and Terry Anderson, who all agree: this ain't Mexico.]

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