Earth Day Blues
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The Senate's amnesty-on-steroids bill, a recipe for population explosion, is a source of gloom for us old-fashioned environmentalists who regard America as overcrowded now. Earth Day is Saturday, and nothing will be said about America's immigration-fueled population growth.

Instead, we will see the diversity-embracing shop-green extravaganza that the day has become.

Sadly, environmental giants like Gaylord Nelson and David Brower are gone.

Both men warned against immigration-driven overpopulation while they resisted environmentalism's devolution from bipartisan integrity to leftism in hiking boots.

These days, we hear about the Senate's scheme for a stunning population explosion from conservative Republicans like Sen. Jeff Sessions [McCain/Kennedy leads to 30 million new illegal immigrants].

"This bill would add 30 million people to our nation in the next ten years. We ought to be spending some time talking about that. It’s a big, big deal."

Newt Gingrich said on O'Reilly this Monday that 30-36 million persons would be eligible for amnesty under the McKennedy bill — that's a California-size population! Plus Rep. Sensenbrenner recently stated, "I have seen demographic projections that it means that we'll get 20 million more illegal immigrants in the next 10 years," apparently to take advantage of the employment opportunities the current amnesty will present.

Here are just a few areas which will be affected by the overpopulation assault...

  • Environmental issues: water supply, air quality, pollution levels, species protection, loss of open space, loss of biodiversity and increased consumption of natural resources.
  • Quality-of-life concerns: additional social regimentation, worsening traffic, SRO public transportation, deteriorating education, increased crime (from a rubber-stamp approval process), skyrocketing taxes to pay for infrastructure costs and crowding everywhere.

It's like the depressingly accurate bumper sticker, Population Forecast: Increasing Crowdiness.

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