Earth Day Blues
April 20, 2006, 03:08 AM
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The Senate`s amnesty-on-steroids bill, a recipe for population explosion, is a source of gloom for us old-fashioned environmentalists who regard America as overcrowded now. Earth Day is Saturday, and nothing will be said about America`s immigration-fueled population growth.

Instead, we will see the diversity-embracing shop-green extravaganza that the day has become.

Sadly, environmental giants like Gaylord Nelson and David Brower are gone.

Both men warned against immigration-driven overpopulation while they resisted environmentalism`s devolution from bipartisan integrity to leftism in hiking boots.

These days, we hear about the Senate`s scheme for a stunning population explosion from conservative Republicans like Sen. Jeff Sessions [McCain/Kennedy leads to 30 million new illegal immigrants].

"This bill would add 30 million people to our nation in the next ten years. We ought to be spending some time talking about that. It’s a big, big deal."

Newt Gingrich said on O`Reilly this Monday that 30-36 million persons would be eligible for amnesty under the McKennedy bill — that`s a California-size population! Plus Rep. Sensenbrenner recently stated, "I have seen demographic projections that it means that we`ll get 20 million more illegal immigrants in the next 10 years," apparently to take advantage of the employment opportunities the current amnesty will present.

Here are just a few areas which will be affected by the overpopulation assault...

  • Environmental issues: water supply, air quality, pollution levels, species protection, loss of open space, loss of biodiversity and increased consumption of natural resources.
  • Quality-of-life concerns: additional social regimentation, worsening traffic, SRO public transportation, deteriorating education, increased crime (from a rubber-stamp approval process), skyrocketing taxes to pay for infrastructure costs and crowding everywhere.

It`s like the depressingly accurate bumper sticker, Population Forecast: Increasing Crowdiness.