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The Wisdom of Spotted Toad
by Steve Sailer, May 08, 2019

The good old days of blogging when just about any blogger could, at least until he ran out of ideas, be somebody has come and gone. So the few new bloggers who have made an impact in recent years have had to be awfully smart. Ranking up near Scott Alexander of Slate Star Codex among the top new voices of the 2010s is Spotted Toad, the pseudonymous quant-intensive public policy analyst.

Spotted Toad has now written a short, nonstatistical, elegantly oblique memoir of his decade, 2000 to 2010, as a public school teacher: 13 Ways of Going on a Field Trip: Stories about Teaching and Learning.

While Toad abstains from citing data in his new self-published book, his Thoreauvian reminiscences are informed by the latest findings on genes and IQ, which makes for a subtle and unusual literary combination. Most schoolteachers would rather not think about 21st-century intelligence science, but Spotted Toad can’t ever stop thinking.

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