SA Farm Murders: Troll Tries Weaseling
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Ann Coulter’s much-appreciated retweet of out Juneteenth post SOUTH AFRICA FARM ATTACKS IN MAY, EARLY JUNE: Two Elderly Whites Burned Alive, Others Stabbed And Shot attracted a Troll:


More White Supremacist lies. You and @AnnCoulter  should seek help.   "AgriSA reported on police statistics which suggested that the murder rate on farms had declined to the lowest level in 20 years, to a third of the level recorded in 1998"

The Wikipedia article cited, “South African farm attacks,“ seems scarcely to have been updated since 2019. The death rate has not been updated since “2016-2017.” Possibly its originators, concerned to minimize the issue, have become discouraged.

Whether or not white farmers are at “a disproportionate risk of being killed” in the context of South Africa’s fantastic general crime rate is irrelevant. Violent crime is much easier to perpetrate in urban areas.

And then there is the ongoing scale, regardless of trend. In our post above Kenn Gividen reported

  • South Africa farm attacks resulted in six fatalities during the first week of June 2023.

Almost all the victims are Afrikaners, the whites who speak a language derived from Dutch. This is as if 518 white farmers were murdered in the first week of June in America.

Even worse is the astonishing cruelty with which many of these murders are committed. Look at our archive. Professional criminals in America, even rapists, do not usually bother with extensive torture. This is why Knoxville was rather unusual: Ten Years After: Knoxville Horror A Tale Of Black Atrocity, MSM Lies, Justice System Failure—And Parental Agony

Trying to deny the fact of the White Farmer Holocaust in South Africa, as @Fabulous_2Me tries to do, is simply evil dishonesty.


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