SOUTH AFRICA FARM ATTACKS IN MAY, EARLY JUNE: Two Elderly Whites Burned Alive, Others Stabbed And Shot
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Last month: SOUTH AFRICA FARM ATTACKS IN APRIL: 75-Year-Old White Man ”Assaulted, Tortured, Burnt With A Liquid And Stabbed With Knife”

Once again, the brutality of some of these attacks is almost unbelievable. In this case, two elderly people in houses 120 meters apart were burned alive. They may have been tortured, but the bodies were so damaged that authorities can’t tell.

  • Hennie Claassen, 77, and Anneke Claassen, 73, were murdered at Echo Caves in Picketberg in Western Cape province, South Africa.

The two, who were not related, lived at the national monument Echo Caves, reports say.

Hennie was still alive when employees found him amid the flames.

“It seems he was assaulted and he was set alight while he was still alive. They broke down the door and tried to save his life, but he succumbed to his injuries,” the report said.

At the main house, 120 meters away there was another fire, and another victim.

“She was unrecognisable,” the report said about Anneke. “They used various items to flame the fire, such as carpets, rugs, bedding and newspapers.”

The victims were possibly tortured prior to being killed.

Robbery was the apparent motive.

[’She was burnt beyond recognition’: hotel owner killed on farm, by Rorisang Kgosana,, June 5, 2023]

He “sustained gunshot wounds to the chest and hand.”

His 47-year-old son, Lukas van Biljon, was stabbed seven times and his children were bound with cable ties.

A dragnet resulted in the arrests of Khanye Muthi, 32, and Latin Mofokeng, 42.

[Farm murder: André van Biljon (69) has sadly passed away, attributed to Oorgrens veiligheid,, May 31, 2023]

He was found with a gunshot wound to the abdomen. His hands were bound.

98 sheep were reported stolen.

Arrested were three suspects aged from 33 to 41.

[Sheep herder attacked and killed on a farm, 98 sheep stolen, Amelia, attributed to South African Police Service,, May 31, 2023]

  • A farmer and his wife were attacked as they returned to their home near Hartbeesfontein, North West province.

Reports say four armed attackers bound the couple, then ransacked their home.

The assailants loaded household items and firearms onto the victims’ truck and drove away.

[Farm attack, couple assaulted, tied up, firearms robbed, Hartbeesfontein, attributed to Oorgrens veiligheid,, May 25, 2023]

  • A 53-year-old woman was bound and threatened by home invaders near Caledon in Western Cape province.

The intruders first shot her dog, apparently to frighten their victim into submission.

Stolen were jewelry, various unidentified items, and a pickup truck.

Both the woman and her dog survived.

[Farm attack, elderly woman tied up, dog shot, Hemel en Aarde valley, attributed to Oorgrens veiligheid,, May 18, 2023]

  • Damie and Zelda Stemmett were overpowered by gun-toting home invaders at their farm in Senekal in Free State province.

Stolen were firearms, jewelry, and cash.

The six attackers reportedly fired at the home as they fled and striking the farmers’ truck, but no one was injured.

One arrest was reported.

[Farm attack, 6 armed attackers invade farmhouse, Senekal, attributed to Oorgrens veiligheid,, May 18, 2023]

  • Lance Arthur Da Silva, 62, was fatally shot in Rouxville, Free state province.

38-year-old Armand Opperman was arrested.

Da Silva was found with a gunshot wound in the home’s master bedroom.

Reports say Opperman lived on the farm.

[Lance Arthur Da Silva (1961-2023),, May 17, 2023]

  • Six individuals were robbed by two gunmen at a farm in the Kroonstad District, in Free State province.

Two couples were accosted in the farm house where the invaders took cell phones, watches, and cash. Another couple was later held up as they approached the farm on foot. While the wife was able to flee, the husband was fatally shot.

Arrested were Sera Letuka, 22, Sandie Kheliwe, 36, and Lesole Poulo, 37.

Coincidentally, a Warrant Officer en route to a funeral happened across the getaway vehicle, noted its license number, and contacted police.

[Attackers raid farm workers homes, 4 victims robbed, another shot dead, Kroonstad, attributed to South African Police Service,, May 17, 2023]

  • The Gateway Pundit reports that three murders take place every hour in South Africa.

“Crime continues to spiral out of control in the Rainbow Nation, according to the latest crime statistics,” the report stated. “6 289 murders were reported in the first quarter of 2023, in comparison to 6 083 last year. 27 066 people were murdered in the year 2022, 2 256 per month or 76 every day. That means three murders every hour in South Africa.“

Farm attacks have declined, the report added, citing community organizing and firearm training as the reason. The decline, however, is negligible.

[Three Murders Every Hour: South African Farmers Set up Safe Havens as Crime Explodes, by Richard Abelson, June. 1, 2023]

  • South Africa farm attacks resulted in six fatalities during the first week of June 2023.

These include:

  • [Male victim] (?) 01/06/2023 Cookhouse, EC (2 armed perps, farm manager held at gunpoint, then shot dead, one attacker (38) arrested)
  • Pierre de Kock (50s) 02-04/06/2023 Aurora, Piketberg, WC (stab wound to the neck, multiple murder)
  • Belinda de Kock (50s) 02-04/06/2023 Aurora, Piketberg, WC (multiple murder)
  • Hennie Claassen (78) 03/06/2023 Farm Klipfonteinhoek, Ohrigstad, LP (tortured and set alight, multiple murder)
  • Anneke Claassen (76) 03/06/2023 Farm Klipfonteinhoek, Ohrigstad, LP (tortured and set alight, multiple murder)
  • Josef Payne (71) 05/06/2023 Perdekop, Standerton, MP (found tied up with severe wound to stomach)

More details will be provided in next month’s report of June farm attacks.

[“Farm Murders” 1 April 2023 to 31 March 2024,, June 7, 2023]


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