Non-Citizens Registered To Vote, And The Law Makes It HARD To Remove Them From Voter Rolls
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Once again, it’s not happening, and it’s good that it is. Illegal aliens are not voting in our elections, but it’s good that they are.

The Federalist has been doing good work documenting some of the election shenanigans, in fact, they have a whole section just titled, “Elections.” I was perusing one of their recent headlines: Ohio Moves to Clean Voter Rolls After Finding 137 Foreigners Registered to Vote.

A recent review of Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) identification records conducted by the Secretary of State’s Public Integrity Division and Office of Data Analytics and Archives discovered 137 voter registrations “assigned to Ohio residents who have twice confirmed their non-citizenship status to the BMV,” according to LaRose’s office. Ohio law mandates there be two instances of an individual submitting records to the BMV indicating he is not a U.S. citizen—once before and once after he votes or registers to vote—before the secretary of state can begin the process of removing him from voter rolls.

So, Ohio cannot just remove someone from the voter rolls: they send out notices to these individuals who are suspected of being non-citizens, and those suspects have to confirm twice that they are non-citizens. It does make you wonder how many more non-citizens are registered to vote. By the way, this is in Ohio, not exactly next to the border.

The article is focused on Ohio, but it does mention that even liberal Massachusetts is encountering non-citizens registered to vote.

A new report by the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF), for example, disclosed data from Boston, Massachusetts, showing 70 voter registrations were recently canceled due to a lack of U.S. citizenship. Of those 70 canceled records, 22 had “known histories of voting.” One of the files listed in the report involves an individual named “Fred,” who disclosed that the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles registered him to vote—despite the fact he’s a “green card holder and not a citizen.”

22 non-citizens with “known histories of voting”... how much do you want to bet none of them will be punished for breaking federal law?


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