Biden Teases Executive Order To Shut Border If Situation Goes From Terrible To Catastrophic—NY POST Calls It ”Joe’s Fail Mary”
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Biden is in a bit of a dilemma; open borders is not popular with the majority of the American public. The Dems have been trying to blame the Republicans for the open border, something that is terribly implausible for anyone with half a brain. Thus this New York Post story: Biden plans executive order to shut down border once crossings reach 4,000 per day—despite saying he needs Congress to act, which their legendary headline writers are calling ”Joe’s Fail Mary”:

If Biden quits teasing about executive actions and actually reverses some of the policies he himself implemented upon taking office, then it is an admission that he could have done these things on day one. Besides, letting in 4,000 people a day is still pretty massive. The correct number should be zero.

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