Romney Says Education Gap the "Civil Rights Issue of our Time"
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Mitt Romney was in Philadelphia, visiting an inner city charter school.  Plenty of protestors, including the mayor of Philadelphia, were outside the school.   Inside the school,  Romney made a rather amazing claim, stating that

"...the gap in educational opportunity and achievement of people of color in this society, I believe, is the civil rights issue of our time."[Romney ventures onto Democratic turf, gets earful in Philadelphia  By Paul West, LA Times, May 24th, 2012]

So is Romney saying that, unless all races and ethnicities have the same academic average, then that's a civil rights issue?  And how would Romney intend to deal with this "civil rights issue"?   Would this involve more and more government spending, government meddling  and discrimination against white people?

And does Romney really expect to get a big share of the minority vote?    Does he not realize he is in danger of losing a good portion of the white vote?

This guy may do worse than McCain in 2008!

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