Rod Dreher On The Megaphone And The Chicago Attack—Right, But Not Right Enough
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Rod Dreher at the American Conservative has some interesting thoughts on the response to four blacks kidnapping a white man to torture him live on Facebook:
Driving back from New Orleans today, I caught the beginning of the Weekend All Things Considered’s newscast. Host Michel Martin said that the show was going to devote the entire program to “violence, especially gun violence.” The first story of the broadcast was a three-minute piece in which Martin interviewed Chicago-based NPR correspondent Cheryl Corley about the horrific racist attack on the mentally disabled young white man, who was kidnapped and tortured in racially abusive terms by four young black people, who broadcast the attack on Facebook. Here’s a link to the story:

“Is something different now? Is there a sense in Chicago that there is something unique happening?” Martin asked Corley, about the city’s violence. They quickly got into the Facebook attack, which Martin introduced with this line:

“Just this week, four young adults were charged with attacking an acquaintance in a vicious beating that they livestreamed on social media.”
She also described it like this, in a question to Corley:
“Four young adults allegedly abducted an acquaintance of theirs, abused him terribly, and broadcast this on Facebook live, what are people saying about this?”
Incredibly, in talking about it, including an update from the bond hearing, Corley not once mentioned the fact that anti-white hate, and anti-Trump hate, was a key part of the crime — so much so that the state has filed hate crime charges against the four. The only thing Corley said about race was that the four defendants are “all African-Americans” — leaving aside the fact that the victim was white, and that both race and politics were central to the torture and abuse

[The Cathedral Interprets The Chicago Attack, January 7, 2017]

The MSM is capable of prodigies in Not Reporting Race—in 2009 the New York Times reported the story of black professor punching a white woman during a racial argument about white privilege in a bar on Harlem's historic 125th Street…and didn't mention either party's race.

Dreher has been a "moderate" on race for years, not wavering in his moderation even when on the receiving end of serious death threats from blacks or being disrespectful to one of their icons. So he says things like:

The alt-right movement promotes many ideas, some of them stupid (e.g., the idea that the Chicago Facebook torture was the fault of Black Lives Matter), many of them bad, some of them evil.
But he does like the Mencius Moldbug concept of the Cathedral, otherwise known as the Megaphone, or if you're old-fashioned, the Clerisy—the people at NPR, the New York Times, and the Washington Post who seem to have no idea of what normal Americans consider right and wrong.
Earlier today in New Orleans, I had been having lunch with some friends, both liberals and conservatives. The issue of how so many Americans now don’t have much interest in truth (as distinct from believing what they want to believe) came up. Of course there was the matter of Trump’s dishonesty, but also the matter of the media’s ethics. I said that I read and subscribe to the Times mostly for the same reason Soviets used to read Pravda back in the day: to know what the Official Story the ruling class wishes to tell itself is. That’s not to say that the Times doesn’t feature excellent reporting and good writing; it does. But I don’t trust it to tell me the truth. I trust it to reveal to me the narrative that the greater part of the ruling class (minus the Republican elites) tells itself. That’s a useful thing to know, as long as you know that you’re only getting a take.

What’s interesting is that elite journalists largely lack the epistemic humility to understand what they’re doing. Do you think Michel Martin, Cheryl Corly, or anybody in the NPR newsroom who worked on today’s Chicago report were genuinely aware how their report would sound to someone who was not liberal?

Okay, so Rod Dreher has figured out the truth about the media, but he's always been a total weak sister on racial issues. He was also a total cuckservative saboteur during Trump's campaign-examples:
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