Black Professor Arrested For Punching White Woman In New York Bar
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Lionel McIntyre [email him] is Nancy and George Rupp Associate Professor in the Practice of Community Development at Columbia University. His recent efforts in the practice of community development include getting arrested for punching a white woman in the face. (Allegedly.) They were discussing "white privilege." McIntyre is a professor, the privileged victim "works as a production manager in the school's theater department." It is not possible for the press to ignore the racial aspects of this story completely, but look at the headlines:

Assault Charges For a Professor In a Bar Dispute

New York Times - Lisa W. Foderaro - 7 hours ago

A Columbia University professor has been charged with assault and harassment after an another Columbia employee accused him of punching ...

Columbia professor charged with assault

United Press International - 1 hour ago

NEW YORK, Nov. 11 (UPI) — A Columbia University professor faces charges of assaulting a university employee during an argument in a New York bar about ...

Columbia Professor Punches Lady Colleague In the Face

New York Magazine - 4 hours ago

According to police reports, 59-year-old Columbia architecture professor Lionel McIntyre punched a female Columbia employee in the face Friday night. ...

Cops: Columbia Prof Punched Woman In "White Privilege" Brawl

Gothamist - Ben Muessig - 15 hours ago

Police arrested a Columbia University architecture professor suspected of punching a female colleague in the face in a racially charged bar brawl on Friday. ...

Man Punching Woman Fails to Make Ivy League Edgy

Gawker - 17 hours ago

It took a punch to the face to make newspapers edgy again. Could a drunken punch to the face (of a woman), after an argument about racism, ...

Columbia Prof Beats Down Colleague, Is Arrested

Village Voice - Roy Edroso - 17 hours ago

Lionel McIntyre (pictured) is the Nancy and George Rupp Associate Professor in the Practice of ...

Associate professor assaults Arts School employee at local bar

CU Columbia Spectator - Sarah Darville, Sam Levin - 21 hours ago?

Columbia associate professor Lionel mcintyre assaulted Margaret Camille Davis, a production manager at the Columbia ...

Prof busted in Columbia gal 'punch'

New York Post - Perry Chiaramonte, Beth Stebner - 22 hours ago?

A prominent Columbia architecture professor punched a female university employee in the face at a ...

The New York Post story manages to actually report the racial aspects of the incident. The New York Times and Columbia University Spectator are eligible for some kind of prize—they report the story of black professor punching a white woman during a racial argument in a bar on 125th Street...and forget to mention race at all.


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