Richard Viguerie's CONSERVATIVE HQ Demands Obamnesty Impeachment
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Executive Amnesty

H/T One Old Vet

Yesterday in Loretta Lynch AG Nomination: Acid Test For Respectable Right Webzines Too I gave first prize to Richard Viguerie’s Conservative HQ for Primary Any Republican Senator Who Votes For Loretta Lynch and today I need to come up with another award. President Obama’s Latest Lawlessness Demands Impeachment George Raisley 2/3/2015 should be forced by every Patriot on their Congresscritters – with a response demanded!

This essay was provoked by the CIS 5.5 million work permit scoop

Just when you thought the lawlessness of President Barack Obama and his henchmen had reached its limit in his unconstitutional executive amnesty orders and memos another even more astonishing example of illegal behavior regarding immigration has been revealed.
and points out
…are hearings, oversight and an attempt at defunding these unauthorized programs the end of congressional power to rein-in a lawless President?

No, there is another alternative, and it is called impeachment.

George Raisley fully comprehends the revolutionary transformation which is being imposed on America in defiance of the 2014 election, being
the exploitation of Obama’s raw power as far as he thinks he can get away with it (which is very far); the appointment of as many progressive judges as possible, since their life-tenure can consolidate and extend the “change” he has wrought for decades to come; and the orchestration of massive immigration amnesty with a route to citizenship and voting rights for illegal aliens who, Obama and the Left reckon, could give Democrats a permanent governing majority.
Raisley concludes
Impeaching Obama would be a very unpleasant choice…But …living with what Obama is otherwise going to do over the next two years (on top of what he has already done) will be a more unpleasant choice. If the choices are impeach Obama or live with his lawlessness we say that's no choice at all — it is an imperative that Congress begin impeachment proceedings immediately. realized that Impeachment was needed when the Obamacrat breaking down of Immigration law enforcement became egregious in 2011. We agree with Judge Napolitano: Impeachment The Only Practical Response To Obamnesty  Even some liberal observers recognize it as dangerous despotism: WASHINGTON POST (!!!) Denounces Obamnesty: “Unprecedented…Unjustified” (as allegedly does Speaker Boehner.)

But there is an additional point Conservative HQ misses. As Peter Brimelow said in Only Impeachment Stands Between America And The Fate Of Zemir Begic

...the ultimate objective here is not to depose Obama, but to end Obamnesty. President Clinton could not unperjure himself. But Obama can stop legalizing illegals.
Impeaching Obama need not be the winner-take-all stratagem it was with Nixon and Clinton. That is what will break the Red State Democrats.

There is, of course, one big problem.

Sheldon Adelson’s millions are against it.

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