REVOLVER Spots TWO Black Women Abusing Power In Scheffler/ Great White Defendant Atrocity
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A few days ago, I posted Who Wrecked UCLA’s Medical School? Jennifer Lucero—Another Woman Of Color Abusing Power, announcing I was awarding Associate Dean of Admissions  Dr. Jennifer Lucero [Email her], who identifies as a Chicana, honorary membership of our Black Women Abusing Power tag.

Close on my heels, the ever-productive Revolver has come up with a case which is not only straightforward but also a twofer: Shocking update in the Scottie Scheffler saga: Two DEI women in power refuse to drop charges against golf champ… [May 27, 2024].

This concerns their handling of the May 17 incident between world golfer Number One Scott Scheffler and the Louisville Police.  He has been charged with second-degree assault of a police officer, etc., etc.

Revolver reports:

As it turns out, ESPN reporters were also on the scene and revealed the true story. According to them, the Keystone cop managing the traffic went on an unhinged power trip and turned into a banshee. He was not “dragged,” the ESPN reporters claim…

(There is also a supportive video—FWIW the police officer in question turns out to be white.)

Now, we’re hearing that the charges actually haven’t been dropped… Scheffler is facing down a felony and 10 years in prison over this circus.

Revolver knows how this came about:

The two women pulling the strings in Louisville seem straight out of the DEI handbook. Based on how everything has unfolded, the police chief and the prosecutor appear to be poster women for choosing charity over excellence.

I do not understand “charity” here. Maybe expediency would have been better.

Both women are black.

It appears that Gwinn-Villaroel (right) was chosen to be the chief of police solely for diversity reasons after the city of Louisville suffered a PR disaster with the shooting of Breonna Taylor—a shooting that Ann Coulter has persuasively argued was justified.

Additionally the Louisville “Commonwealth’s Attorney” Gerina D. Whethers (left) is also black. She was appointed in 2023 by the wannabe Bill Clinton Democratic Governor Andy Beshear.

Revolver correctly says:

…shock of all shocks: it appears that these two women were hired solely to score diversity points in light of the George Floyd “racial reckoning.” The death of Floyd is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Revolver is not so impolite as to speculate why these women are pursuing what on its face is a hopeless case. I suggest the reason is obvious. Scheffler is white man at the top of the quintessentially white sport of golf. They are looking for the Great White Defendant.

Part of the reason Kentucky’s Democrats have been able to go so far promoting Black Empowerment (really a covert shift to the Left) in 8% black Kentucky (even Louisville is only 23% black): the Kentucky GOP Establishment is totally Mau Mau’d about race. I discussed this in Kentucky Gov Election Debacle Proves: GOP Nominating Black Candidates Disastrous

Another aspect of the Scheffler case not mentioned by Revolver: the Mayor of Louisville, Craig Greenberg, is Jewish. He appointed the Chief of Police and doubtless was influential in the appointment of Louisville Commonwealth’s Attorney Whethers.

Greenberg is an import from New York, but the Louisville Jewish community is about as old as the city. One member is 8-term former Congressman John Yarmuth (Numbers USA Career rating D-). As Steve Sailer reported in Where All The Money Is In The Amnesty Debate, Yarmuth endeared himself to back in 2013:

Rep. John Yarmuth D took the opportunity to get a little boastful about the prospects of amnesty legislation:

“There’s virtually nobody organized against comprehensive immigration reform…

“And probably the most significant factor is there is no money on the other side of this issue. There’s nobody out there ready to spend $100 million to defeat comprehensive immigration reform. 

“In fact, all the money is on the side of pushing it. And just a couple weeks ago we met with Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook and he’s raised, well, a lot of his own money, but he’s raised $50 million to run ads…

Yarmuth of course was dead wrong in his confident gloating. He underestimated the peasantry.

As Revolver has recognized, we are plagued by black women eager to abuse the power they have been foolishly granted to act as Commissars and Political Police. But others too are quite willing to use racial stress to prosecute ethnic animosities. Kevin MacDonald presciently discussed this for us in Are These Antifa/ BLM Riots A Jewish Coup?

The only saving grace: this is a group that has a long record of going too far.
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