Who Wrecked UCLA’s Medical School? Jennifer Lucero—Another Woman Of Color Abusing Power.
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Steve Sailer has already complimented Aaron Sibarium of the Washington Free Beacon for an exceptionally fine piece of investigative reporting: ’A Failed Medical School’: How Racial Preferences, Supposedly Outlawed in California, Have Persisted at UCLA [May 23, 2024]. However, I think this account deserves a sharper focus.

This is not just an Affirmative Action disaster. It is another case which raises the issue of whether in the present climate Women of Color can be trusted with power.

Recently we started a tag Black Women Abusing Power. The wrecking ball at the UCLA Medical School, Dr. Jennifer Lucero [Email her], loudly identifies as a Chicana.

I note that in a syrupy keynote address in 2022 in which she made it clear her main interest is ethnic spoils gathering she avoids directly saying she was born in America.

We already have one arguably Hispanic lady in this category as I discussed in CBS/ Catherine Herridge Scandal Raises Crucial Question: Can Black Women Be Trusted With Power?  Maybe we should change the tag to Women of Color Abusing Power.

As Aaron Sibarium documents in scorching detail, Lucero has been highly effective since she took over medical school admissions in June 2020:

Within three years of Lucero’s hiring in 2020, UCLA dropped from 6th to 18th place in U.S. News & World Report’s rankings for medical research. And in some of the cohorts she admitted, more than 50 percent of students failed standardized tests on emergency medicine, family medicine, internal medicine, and pediatrics.

She has achieved this with the usual techniques of bullying and rank prejudice:

…when it came time … to consider one such student in November 2021—a black applicant with grades and test scores far below the UCLA average … an admissions officer voiced concern about the candidate, the two people said … Lucero … exploded in anger.

”Did you not know African-American women are dying at a higher rate than everybody else?” Lucero asked … The candidate’s scores shouldn’t matter, she continued, because ”we need people like this in the medical school.”

Brute intimidation has been used:

She has lashed out at officials who question the qualifications of minority candidates… suggesting naysayers are ”privileged,” implying that they are racist, and subjecting them to diversity training sessions.

After a Native American applicant was rejected in 2021, for example, Lucero chewed out the committee and made members sit through a two-hour lecture on Native history delivered by her own sister.

She is openly prejudiced racially:

Lucero has even advocated moving candidates up or down the residency rank list based on race. At a meeting in February 2022, according to two people present, Lucero demanded that a highly qualified white male be knocked down several spots because, as she put it, ”we have too many of his kind” already. She also told doctors who voiced concern that they had no right to an opinion because they were ”not BIPOC.”

[VDARE.com link] 

Interestingly, the main victims of this plundering are Asians, who have fallen from just under half of the class to just under a third in 4 years. Whites are steady at just under a quarter.

The story is packed with examples of the incompetence of those now admitted.

Revolutions need Commissars and Political Police. It is increasingly apparent that these cadres are recruited from crazed women of color.

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