Where All The Money Is In The Amnesty Debate
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Maybe feeling comfortable in his surroundings and forgetting the event was streaming live over the internet, [Rep. John Yarmuth D-Ky] Rep. John Yarmuth (D-Ky.) took the opportunity to get a little boastful about the prospects of amnesty legislation: 
“There’s virtually nobody organized against comprehensive immigration reform…We have the growers and the farm works. When we have the AFL-CIO and the Chamber of Congress agreeing. We have the high-tech industry…”
"And probably the most significant factor is there is no money on the other side of this issue. There’s nobody out there ready to spend $100 million to defeat comprehensive immigration reform. 
"In fact, all the money is on the side of pushing it. And just a couple weeks ago we met with Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook and he’s raised, well, a lot of his own money, but he’s raised $50 million to run ads supporting people who will support comprehensive immigration reform and to pressure people who may be on the fence.”[Facebook Bullies – Zuckerberg Pledges $50 million for Attack Ads, ImmigrationReform.com,  October 11, 2013  ]

(See also Democrats to make move on immigration reform Wednesday by Suzanne Gamboa NBC Latino 10/01/2013)

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